Steam Page for Sons Of The Forest (The Forest 2) Goes Live – Reveals Important Release Detail

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In the night from May 4 to May 5, the Steam store page of “The Forest” sequel Sons of The Forest went online for the first time. On it, we can find all the important information and the release date for The Forest 2.

What happened? Sons of The Forest will unfortunately not be released in May 2022 as planned, but despite the postponement to the fall of this year, we get something this month: the Steam page is online, the developers of Endnight Games presented this via Twitter and thousands liked the tweet within a few hours.

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Sons of The Forest teases fans with Steam store page.

What does the shop page reveal? On the freshly created Steam page of Sons of The Forest (or The Forest 2), you can find a rough insight into the upcoming co-op survival game. Among other things, there are various screenshots that show the new graphics splendor of the latest Unity engine version. But also all teasers and trailers released so far are listed here. There is also a short description of the core mechanics of Sons of The Forest.

Probably the most interesting thing about Sons of The Forest’s Steam store page, however, is the lack of an Early Access designation. Until now, it was unclear whether Endnight Games would re-release the survival game in Steam Early Access. By all appearances, though, we’ll get a full-fledged game for the fall 2022 release, with no irregular update schedules.

When will The Forest 2 be released?┬áThe store reveals that Sons of The Forest will be released in October 2022. This fits in with the developer’s recent announcements that they were moving the game to the fall in order to offer a well-rounded package. This was the second postponement for Sons of The Forest so far.

More about The Forest

What else do we know new about Sons of The Forest?

The developers reveal on the new Steam page for The Forest 2 that you can give orders as a player. However, it’s unclear who you’re directing them to. In one of the trailers, we saw that one of the mutants becomes an ally. And also the first teaser trailer from December 2019 showed and allied soldiers (via

It is also known that there will be different seasons in Sons of The Forest. So you’ll not only have to defend yourself against nasty mutants, but also against temperature and environmental influences.

In The Forest 2, projectiles stick in the enemy.

What do you think? Are you already looking forward to the sequel Sons of The Forest (The Forest 2) or do you think the first part didn’t need a sequel at all? Leave us your opinion in the comments, or discuss it with us and the community on our socials.


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