The Genshin Impact Web Event “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” explained

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Since April 29, 2022, another web event has been running for the coop RPG Genshin Impact, where you can win great prizes like Mora and Primogems outside the game. We’ll explain how the “New adventure? Let’s go!” event running.

These Are Web Events: A web event in Genshin Impact is exactly what it sounds like. An event outside the game, in your web browser. The regularly occurring web events are optional little gimmicks that you can complete in between via your browser to unlock in-game rewards.

This is the “New Adventure? Let’s Go!” event

The “New adventure? Let’s go!” event, which is a bit reminiscent of Mario Party, has been running since April 29, 2022. At least as far as the game board and the dice are concerned. Perfect for sweetening the wait for the postponed 2.7 update.

You are with your character on a simple game board that only leads you around 28 squares. You have 8 dice every day, with which you throw a number between 1 and 6 one after the other and advance the corresponding number on the game board.


Different things happen when you land on one of the specific squares:

  • Normal field: 10 adventurer coins
  • Sack: A random reward
  • Shrubs: Random event – e.g. move spaces forward or backward

You can grab 4 more dice by pressing the + next to the dice icon and completing the daily task, such as logging into the official website.

Once you have circled the playing field, you also receive 50 adventurer coins.


These are the rewards and conditions from the Genshin Impact Web Event

Of course, there are also great rewards for which you must complete the web event. Here’s what you can get:

  • +10 Primogems once you collect 150 Adventure Coins.
  • +20 Primogems once you collect 300 Adventure Coins.
  • +30 Primogems once you collect 600 Adventure Coins.
  • +50,000 Mora once you trigger 6 random movements.
  • +5 A Hero’s Wisdom once you trigger 5 random rewards.
  • +10 Mystic Enhancement Ore once you trigger 3 random events.

The event runs until May 5, 2022 23:59 server time. You can collect the rewards ingame, but you only have 30 days to do so!


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