Warzone 2: Guide for Best Tactics & Strategy for Plunder Mode

Published: Apr. 27, 2023
Updated: Apr. 26, 2024

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Warzone 2 finally gets its own Plunder mode, and after several rounds in Al Mazrah, we now tell you the best strategy to win.

What's it about? The new Plunder game mode was launched in Warzone 2 on April 26th, and already then we presented you the novelties and differences from the Plunder version. In this article, we'll tell you the best tactics and strategies to guarantee that you end up in first place.

How does Plunder work in Warzone 2?

The gameplay: Basically, Plunder is just another variation of the well-known Battle Royale principle you're already used to in Warzone 2. The only difference is the game objective, because instead of being the last survivor, you have to collect money. The more money you collect during a round, the better your ranking on the leaderboard at the end of the game. You also can't be eliminated, because after your demise it only takes a few seconds until you spawn again - but then without money.

Currently, Plunder can only be played on the Al Mazrah map; a variant for Ashika Island has not yet been confirmed. In addition, you will inevitably have to hop into a match with three other players. Quads is the only group size that currently allows Plunder.

How do you win? The team that has collected the most money at the end of a round wins. The round is limited by a timer and not by player deaths. However, if a group has cracked the magic limit of two million cash, there is an extension. This allows the winning team to be tracked and finished off.


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The best strategy & tactics to win Plunder in Warzone 2.

Before the start of the round, the loadout: there is no sophisticated loadout that is best for exactly the purposes of Plunder. However, we recommend you bring a sniper and a. Current top models are:

  • Sniper: Signal 50
  • Assault rifle: ISO Hemlock

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What location should you land in Plunder?

Since looting is the focus of Plunder, you should jump in locations that have a particularly high density of buildings. Among other places, Al Mazrah City or Akdahr Village are suitable.

As usual, you and your team will jump out of the plane at the beginning of a round. Be careful not to jump in the desert or by the sea. You should also avoid places that are hotspots in normal Warzone 2. For example, the airport or fortress are good places to top-loot in Battle Royale, but not in Plunder!

Jump off at these locations:

  • Al Mazrah City
  • Akhdar Village
  • Hydroelectric

How & What Should You Loot in Plunder?

Once you've landed in the high-traffic locations, there are two different ways to loot the city. Each has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Aggressive Looting: Immediately pounce on enemy squads and engage them in combat. If you win, you have a clear path for your loot tour. If you lose, retreat and start looting.
  • Defensive Looting: Land in a relatively safe spot in town (or other location) and start looting buildings hidden.

There's one strategy you should definitely keep in mind, though, so you can skim in Plunder: split up your group! Loot your claimed area separately from each other. Don't run three or four into a single building, instead split up well. Always stay in the immediate vicinity, so that you can react directly to enemy contact and support your teammates.

This location is best: In our playthroughs, gas stations turned out to be particularly lucrative. Not only can you find items here that you can sell at a high price, you can also raid the cash registers for cash. You'll also find helpful items in gas stations:

  • Medical supplies
  • Armor plates
  • Fuel
  • Weapons & Ammunition

loot the gas station.

What is the fastest way to get money in Plunder mode?

To really earn money quickly and reliably in the new game mode, you should focus on missions (Contracts). Here you can farm tens of thousands of dollars per player. You can find missions marked on the map, they have a green flip phone (or walkie-talkie?) icon.

These are the best missions in Plunder:

  • Safe Cracker - $30,000 per player.

Looting can also make you rich quickly in Plunder, provided you have luck on your side and get lots of expensive items. There are rounds where you can find countless bundles of money, game consoles or laptops. Unfortunately, there are also matches where you find 10 candy bars in a row. But you can't avoid looting completely, so follow our tactics above!


Tip for top in Plunder - Do this when you are #1

Have you reached the top, are under two million dollars in cash and have significantly more cash than the rest? Then get lost! Hide or just keep looting downed locations until the round timer ticks to zero. Never risk a sure victory just because the greed for the two million becomes too great. Remember that there is an extension if you exceed the money limit in Plunder.

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The best tactics for Plunder - summary

  • Choose an assault rifle + sniper
  • Jump off in areas with lots of buildings.
  • Split up in your area to loot more buildings at the same time
  • Visit gas stations.
  • Play aggresive and fast as a priority
  • Always complete safe-cracker missions when you get the chance.
  • Don't be too greedy and save your money.

Do you have any other tips for Plunder in Warzone 2 for other readers, then share them in the comments. Also, feel free to ask us more questions about the new game mode, otherwise you can find out everything important here:

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