World War 3: Console Release on PlayStation & Xbox? These Are The Chances

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World War 3 is a very popular multiplayer shooter on the PC, but you can’t currently play WW3 on consoles. This begs the question: Are the developers from TheFarm51 planning a release on PlayStation and Xbox in addition to the PC? got to the bottom of this question for you.

What’s going on? World War 3 is currently a hotly anticipated candidate to take the throne of big shooters after Battlefield 2042. On PC, it’s already been playable in a closed beta for months, but World War 3’s open beta is still pending. Console gamers are showing more and more interest in World War 3 due to the ongoing dry spell for tactical multiplayer shooters, as a look at Google Trends shows (via

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World War 3 – What we know about a PlayStation & Xbox release

For a while now, more and more PS4, PS5 and Xbox gamers have been wondering if the multiplayer shooter World War 3 will also be released for consoles. Currently, the shooter is also in a closed beta on PC, which you have to buy into. There is not even a fixed release date for the existing PC version.

And yet, the answer to the question about the console release is: World War 3 will probably also be released on PlayStation and Xbox. This information at least emerges from an older interview with the developers. The following statement from developer TheFarm51 are from 2018, so they were made before the first release on Steam. PR manager Biegun explains to the Polish magazine “PPE”:

“A console release of World War 3 is the next step in its evolution. […] Right now, the PC version of World War 3 is our top priority. Once we finish it and see console players showing interest in the title, we’ll certainly start working on the port.”

This stands in the way of the shooter: Before you jump for joy into the next tank now: The studio behind World War 3 is independent and not under the control of a major publisher, with oodles of resources. Moreover, the shooter is supposed to be free-to-play at launch and earn its revenue purely through cosmetic content like weapon skins.

Let’s also assume that the statement from 2018 is still correct today. Then World War 3 is not even in the works for porting. World War 3 for PS4/5 or Xbox is not certain anyway. Only if the game turns out to be financially successful will TheFarm51 consider a console version.

When could World War 3 be released on console? Let’s take as an example other tactical shooters from indie developers that first appeared on Pc and are now available on consoles:

Insurgency: Sandstorm

  • PC release: December 2018
  • PS4 release: September 2021

Hunt: Showdown

  • PC release: February 2018
  • Xbox Release: August 2019
  • PS4 Release: February 2018

WWI: Verdun

  • PC Release: April 2015
  • PS4 Release: August 2016
  • Xbox Release: March 2017

Even after an official announcement of World War 3 on PlayStation and Xbox, a release could still be more than 1 year away. Realistically, then, World War 3 is unlikely to be released on consoles until 2024 — But that’s purely speculative.

Back to the time when Operation Metro was fun :’) (Source: Steam Shop)

Why World War 3 is a must-have on consoles

World War 3 is becoming increasingly popular on the PC. This is where most fans of tactical shooters (soft or hardcore) hang out anyway, right? By no means, our brothers and sisters are tied to the meager choices between Battlefield, Insurgency and Hunt Showdown.

World War 3 would fill a niche that is absolutely underpopulated on PlayStation and Xbox. A great multiplayer shooter with a tactical approach, reminiscent of a mix of Battlefield, Call of Duty and Insurgency: Sandstorm. But so far we are waiting for the PC release of the game, which was only recently postponed by the developers.


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