World War 3 Open Beta Release: When is The Battlefield Killer Coming Out?

Published: May. 06, 2022
Updated: May. 06, 2022

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The multiplayer shooter World War 3 is currently considered the best alternative for the failed Battlefield 2042. Despite its own rocky road, the shooter is enjoying more and more fans, but the full release as a Free-2-Play shooter is still pending. We reveal when you can expect the open beta release of World War 3 & how to gamble already.

What kind of game is this? World War 3 is a multiplayer shooter in the style of Battlefield and Call of Duty. You move around the battlefield either on foot, in a vehicle or in a tank, capturing flags. Like in Call of Duty, you can collect points and invest them in Kill Streaks. In direct comparison to COD, however, the World War 3 streaks are much fairer and less powerful.

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World War 3 Release - When will the shooter be Free-2-Play?

When is the shooter coming? World War 3 should be available to all PC players as a Free-2-Play shooter in open beta as early as the beginning of March 2022. However, the shooter is currently still in a closed phase. That means, right now, you currently have to pay €12.99 on Steam to play World War 3.

The developers would like to reveal a new release for the open beta of World War 3 in the near future. Nevertheless, you can temporarily play the shooter for free (more on that below).

What does Open Beta mean here? Generally, it's about the release of the Open Beta, but in the case of World War 3, it's not time-limited and will always be there. The developers want to revise the game further before releasing it. That they are serious about this is shown by the last update of World War 3, which reworked the entire sound. Players have been demanding this for a long time, as it was difficult to figure out the direction of steps.

Originally, World War 3 was released back in October 2018, and after initial good vibes, bugs and lack of content supply quickly took the top spot in reviews. The shooter flopped mercilessly and so the developers from TheFarm51 withdrew the game from the store. After a long wait, World War 3 then returned to Steam. By the way, the developer is also behind the survival shooter Chernobylite!


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How you can already play for free right away

At the moment, the developer organizes weekends at irregular intervals, where you can play World War 3 for free. So if you're fed up with Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty no longer captivates you, you should take a look at World War 3. The shooter combines the best of both worlds. In addition, there will be new free content in the future, such as maps, weapons, vehicles and more.

Core features of World War 3 in beta:

  • Different game modes (conquest & deathmatch)
  • 4 different maps so far
  • Level progression with unlockable weapons, attachments and clothing.
  • Open class system with deep weapon customization.

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