Atomic Heart: How to Make the Hawk Land & Open the locked Doors

Published: Mar. 13, 2023
Updated: Mar. 13, 2023

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Once you get to the first open section of the game world in Atomic Heart, you have to enter the arena and get a Hawk to land. The mission is not well explained and caused us to get stuck.

What is it about? Atomic Heart has been released and surprises with one or two puzzles, search tasks or collectibles. In the course of the storyline, you'll get to an open game world, among other things, where you'll find countless weapon blueprints, but also advance the story. Your first objective is to get a Hawk to land, but the mission is stuck? Don't worry, we've got you!

How to open the door and make the Hawk land

What's the problem? When you reach your first destination marker at the entrance to the arena, your glove Charles tells you that it can't open the gates. Instead, you'll have to find an alternative way into the arena. The marker will now show you a concrete pillar located in the lake. If you go there, however, nothing happens at first. No buttons, no abilities to use, so what to do next?

the door that just wont open

This door must be opened

First, you have to leave here and go to the nearest camera tower. Here an elevator will take you to the very top. When you reach the top of the tower, you can operate a control panel. Activate it and examine the map:

  • You will see yellow dots on the map, which represent cameras.
  • Select a camera on the map that has a view of your mission target.
  • Look around as the camera, find the pillar, and you'll see: your ability button is displayed here.
  • Now press F, RB or R1 to open the door.
camera tower to controll the bots

You need to climb this tower.

Wonderful, only one thing remains. Return to the mission objective, let the Hawk land and wait for a moment. After a few seconds, a helicopter-like vehicle lands in the lake. To take advantage of this ride-along opportunity, you'll need to hold onto the pillar on its underside -- and off you go!

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