Baldur's Gate 3: Leave No One Behind Achievement Guide

Published: Sep. 13, 2023
Updated: Sep. 13, 2023

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One of the hardest achievements in BG3 is Leave No One Behind. To obtain it, you have to save every tiefling refugee in a single playthrough. So, down below, you’ll find a guide for the Leave No One Behind achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can find tieflings to save across multiple acts, so we’ve compiled all of them for you to easily find and save them. Keep in mind that there are also tieflings that don’t require saving for you to get the achievement, so if they’re not in this guide, you don’t have to save them.

BG3: Save All Tieflings Guide in Act 1

BG3: Rolan

Here is a list of tiefling refugees you need to save in Act 1:

  1. Damays & Nymessa in the Emerald Grove jail. You’ll see them next to the imprisoned Lae’zel. You’ll have to free her by persuading the tieflings not to kill her. Do not try to break the cage open yourself because the tieflings will become hostile, and you’ll have to kill them.
  2. Rolan in the Druid Grove. Convince him to stay in the grove to keep him safe.
  3. Arabella in the Druid Grove Proper. She’s been caught by a druid named Kagha. She will threaten to kill Arabella, and you’ll have to convince Kagha to let her go.
  4. Mirkon at the beach, to the east of the entrance to Kagha’s lair. You’ll have to save him from harpies. Mirkon has very little health, so he will get one or two shot by harpies. Kill the singing harpy first because she’s the one who put Mirkon in a trance, forcing him to stay at the beach. Spread your team up and use ranged attacks to deal with the harpies more efficiently.

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BG3: Save all Tiefling Refugees in Act 2

BG3: Arabella

Many more tieflings need saving in Act 2, and here is how to do it:

  1. You will get to Last Light Inn eventually while progressing in the game. Here, you’ll have to speak with Isobel, which will trigger an attack on the inn. Defend Last Light Inn from the attack while making sure no tieflings get killed. This is quite difficult, so it is a good idea to spread your team up around the inn, next to all the tieflings. Also, make sure Isobel doesn’t get killed because every other tiefling will die otherwise. After defending the inn, speak to all the tieflings in the lobby. Rolan will tell you that some tieflings have been taken to the Moonrise Tower. You’ll also find out that Mol has been taken, but you’ll find her in Act 3.
  2. Find Arabella at the gate to the north of the Moonrise Tower checkpoint. She’ll be looking for her parents and there will be a few enemies about to attack her. Deal with them, speak with Arabella, and she’ll go back to the camp safely. You will have to find her parents, though - they’re at the House of Healing’s Infirmary to the west of the gate, where you spoke to Arabella. You’ll find them dead in one of the rooms. Interact with them and bring the information back to Arabella at the camp. She now counts as saved.
  3. Save Rolan. Drunk Rolan has decided that he can save his group by himself, so he left the Inn to do so. And, naturally, he’s gotten himself in trouble with Shadows. You’ll find him to the southeast from the Wraith Wind waypoint. Do not long rest while making your way there because it may be too late to save him. So, go save him as fast as possible.
  4. Break tieflings out of the Moonrise Tower Prison, which is located to the right of the Moonrise Tower throne room, where you’ll have a cutscene. You’ll find the tieflings in one of the cages and some deep gnomes in the neighboring cage. Do not speak with them because the guards will react. Instead, throw a bludgeoning weapon like a mace or even a torch through the bars to the gnomes while the guards aren’t looking. The gnomes will then break a wall in the back, saving themselves and the tieflings. Now, the guards will be alert no matter what, so you’ll be in for a fight. After dealing with the guards, by progressing the story further, you’ll bring them to a boat. You’ll have some options on where to send them. Pick the first option, and they’ll make their way back to the Inn.
  5. Speak to the saved tieflings at the Last Light Inn.
  6. Save Zevlor at the Moonrise Tower. You’ll inevitably have a boss fight here while progressing the story, so you won’t miss this. After the first phase of the bossfight, you’ll get an objective marker, “The Blade of Frontiers”. Zevlor is at this marker. You’ll have to fight some enemies here, and once you’re done, tell Zevlor to go back to the Inn.

That’s it for Act 2, and if you’ve done everything correctly, you’re almost done with the achievement. All the tieflings are saved by now, and all you have to do is speak with them.

BG3: Find all Tiefling Refugees in Act 3

BG3: Mol

Here’s where you can find all the refugees and talk to them:

  1. The first group will be located at a refugee camp behind Baldur’s Gate. Speak with all of them, and you can move on to the next group.
  2. The second group is at the Elfsong Tavern. These are the tieflings you’ve saved from the Moonrise Tower.
  3. Find Mol and speak with her in the sewer below Basilisk Gate.
  4. Finish Rolan’s quest line and help him one last time. You’ll find him at the Sorcerer’s Sundry to the west of Basilisk Gate. You’ll have to help him kill his boss and take over the Sundry. He will join you in the fight, so be careful not to get him killed.

After saving all these tieflings, you’ll get the Leave No One Behind achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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