Baldur’s Gate 3: Unlock the Rude-, Crude-, and Full of Attitude-Achievement

Published: Aug. 17, 2023
Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

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If you're an achievement hunter, we'll help you get another rare achievement that only 3.9% of players on Steam have in their collection at the moment. Namely, we will tell you how to get the Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude Achievement in Baldur's Gate 3.

To complete this achievement you need to find and summon the quasit Shovel. Or is her name... Fork? Maybe Basket? In this guide, we will explain in detail how to get this hidden reward and become one step closer to fully completing the game.

BG3: How to Summon Shovel for Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude Achievement

To complete the achievement in Act 1, you need to summon an NPC named Shovel. Before that, you need to get to Blighted Village and find the basement under the southeast building at coordinates X:35, Y:350.

BG3: basement under the southeast building, location on the map

After this, do the following:

  • Pull the lever that is hidden behind the boxes in the building.
  • Open the Mouldering Casket to your right as you enter the location and take the Scroll of Summon Quasit.
  • Use the Scroll and talk to the creature you summon.

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And that's all you need to summon Shovel and get the Rude, Crude, and Full of Attitude Achievement in Baldur's Gate 3. And if you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on how to get the Penny Pincher achievement in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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