Baldur's Gate 3: The "Steal a Githyanki Egg" Quest

Published: Nov. 15, 2023
Updated: Nov. 15, 2023

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The role-playing hit Baldur's Gate 3 contains all kinds of strange missions in addition to its large and small quests, including the side quest “Steal a Githyanki Egg”. We'll show you how to complete it.

This guide tells you:

  • How and where to start the “Steal a Githyanki Egg” quest.
  • All different ways to get the egg.
  • The consequences and outcomes of your respective decisions.

Start the “Steal a Githyanki Egg” Quest in Baldur's Gate 3

No matter how small and trivial a quest in Baldur's Gate 3 seems, you always have various ways to complete and finish it. Even the seemingly ridiculous task of stealing a Githyanki egg offers you several options. We have tried out all the variants and show you everything you need to know about the quest in this guide.

Stealing the Githyanki Egg is one of the very first quests you can take on in Baldur's Gate 3. As soon as you leave the starting area and walk through the mountain pass, you will meet Lady Esther close to the travel point Trielta Crags. In conversation, she will ask you to bring her a Githyanki egg. You can already decide here whether you want to accept or decline the quest. We recommend accepting the quest and getting a small advance from the lady beforehand.

BG3 Dame Esther

Dame Esther will ask you to bring her a githyanki egg.

Important: Lae'zel does not agree with the quest and does not like the fact that you want to steal a Githyanki egg. So if you are working on a romance with her or are not yet sure whether you would like to start one soon, you should remove Lae'zel from your party before accepting the quest from Dame Esther.

How to get the Githyanki Egg

For the object of desire, you must travel all the way north to Rosymorn Monastery. The monastery is packed with numerous puzzles. The quest “Blood of Lathander” also begins here. Once you have reached the monastery, make your way to the Créche Y'llek.

EN BG3 Map

The Egg is in the Rosymorn Monastery.

The entrance is in the cellar and is protected by a Githyanki guard. You'll need a bit of luck with the dice here. You can then head northwest until you reach the hatchery, where the last Githyanki egg is located.

The egg is also protected by guards. You have various ways of getting hold of it:

  • Convince the old Githyanki Varsh Gleya, who is guarding the egg (Requires two successful persuasion rolls of 14 and 18).
  • Fight the guardians.
  • With high values in Stealth and an Invisibility skill, you can try to steal the egg.
BG3 Varsh Gleya

We recommend that you try to convince Varsh Gleya to give you the egg voluntarily.

We recommend convincing Varsh Gleya. Simply save before you enter the hatchery, then you can try again and again if you fail the rolls. If you choose to fight or steal the egg, you will miss out on valuable loot. You can get powerful boots here, which make you resistant to acid. This footwear will not only help you in this quest (the egg is hatched in acid) but also much later in the game. As soon as you have finished your persuasion work, you can simply walk to the egg with your new shoes and collect it.

Hand Over the egg to Esther or not?

To complete the quest “Steal a Githyanki Egg”, you now have to go back to Esther and talk to her. Again, you have various options. As agreed, you can give her the Githyanki egg and receive a small amount of gold as a reward (not recommended).

However, you can also deny her the egg, which will result in a fight against her (recommended). Once you have won the fight, you can loot her remains. In addition to several useful items, you will also find a letter from Esther that shows you an alternative place to bring the egg to, namely a guild in Baldur's Gate called the Society of Brilliance. Esther has received the order to obtain the egg from this guild. You can then deliver the egg to the guild in Act 3 and collect a much higher reward.

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