Cyberpunk 2077: How attributes, skills and advantage points work

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On December 10, CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 was released. Skills and skill trees are extensive and it’s not clear how everything is connected. Here you get a first overview.

The entire skill system in the FPS RPG Cyberpunk 2077 is not exactly manageable and is a challenge, especially for new players. We took a closer look at the system and have a first guide for you.

This is the skill system in Cyberpunk 2077

Main attributes (blue)

The blue main attributes can reach level 20. Leveling up gives you one point each, which you can distribute yourself to specialize and unlock percs. Each attribute point gives you special bonuses depending on the main attribute.

  • Constitution – Determines your physical strength. It enables you to open doors by force.
    • 5 additional health points
    • 3 additional stamina points
    • Unarmed close combat +3
    • Melee weapon damage +1,5%
    • Slowdown from grappling an enemy or carrying a heavy machine gun reduced by 6%
    • Grappling opponents lasts longer and movement is increased
  • Reflexes – Determines your agility, such as speed
    • Passive dodge increased by 1%
    • Crit chance increased by 1%
    • Damage with Mantis Blades increased by 3
  • Technical ability – Allows to unlock doors and use technical weapons
    • Armor +5%
  • Coolness – Determines your resistance, self-protection and effectiveness in stealth mode
    • Crit damage increased by 2%
    • All resistances are increased by 1%
    • Damage in stealth mode is increased by 10%
    • Enemies detect you in stealth mode 0.5% slower
    • Damage with monowires increased by 3
  • Intelligence – Determines your competence as a Netrunner
    • Cyberdeck storage capacity increased by 4%
    • Quickhacks damage increased by 0.5%
    • Quickhacks duration increased by 1%


Skills and advantage points

Skills: The 12 sub-attributes are leveled up by using attribute-related activities. This unlocks more bonuses and advantage points.

Advantage Points (Yellow): You get these by gaining experience in the game through your activities (shooting, sprinting, hacking, crafting, etc.). You can use them as you wish to unlock and upgrade percs in the skills.


Each of the 12 skills has its own skill tree. Depending on your attribute level you can unlock percs there. See the screenshot above for details.

  • Constitution:

    • Athletics: Everything to endure more in (close) combat and for agility in battle.
    • Annihilation: For shotguns and medium ranged combat
    • Street brawl: For fighting with blunt weapons
  • Reflexes:
    • Rifles: For the fight with rifles and submachine guns
    • Handguns: For the fight with pistols
    • Blades: For the fight with swords
  • Technical ability:
    • Item crafting: Upgrading, manufacturing and cost reduction
    • Techie: For tech weapons and fighting any machines
  • Coolness:
    • Stealth: Boosts sneaking, melee and knife combat
    • Fighting machine: For longer fights you get various bonuses for speed and endurance here
  • Intelligence:
    • Breach-Protokoll: Bonuses for hacking devices
    • Quickhacks: For the hacking of opponents
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As you can see, the skill system is complicated and will allow many types of play. Whether you’re a melee fighter, an assassin, a sniper, a netrunner, or a trigger-happy samurai, the skill system makes it possible.

How did you start training your character, and what should he be able to do especially well in the endgame? Put it in the comments!


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