DayZ: Guide to the Bunker on Livonia - Bunker Location, Open & Unlock Secret Rooms

Published: Dec. 13, 2023
Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

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With Update 1.19 of DayZ, the developers have added a large bunker for you to explore on the Livonia map. I explored it and found every piece of loot there, and now I'll tell you everything about the location, entrances, puzzles, and rewards.

Guide Overview:

  • The new bunker in Livonia contains some of the best loot on the map, including unique Items.
  • The bunker itself counts as a separate instance with its own loot economy.
  • There are two entrances to the bunker, a main entrance and a rear entrance.
  • In the bunker, you'll need to solve various puzzles to get to the different levels.

Find DayZ Livonia Bunker Location & Open Bunker Doors

The new bunker facility from DayZ Update 1.19 is located in the southwest of Livonia. West of the town of Polana, in the middle of a small forested area, you'll find the main entrance, and a few hundred meters further west, a second, smaller entrance on a hill. If no player has arrived just before you, both entrances to the bunker will be securely closed. You can orient yourself more quickly with the interactive DayZ map.


Bunker location on Livonia

To open either of the two bunker doors, you'll need a punch card. The cards are small, yellowed, bearing the logo of the Livonia country, and, unsurprisingly, punched.

All Punch Card Spawn Locations on Livonia

While punch cards are rare, we didn't have to search too long during our test run. You can find punch cards most quickly in the following locations:

  • Static Toxic Zones
  • Yellow Medical Tents
  • Military Convoys (with the Convoy Officer).
loot map for the punchcards

Here you can see the locations where you can find the punch card.

Once you've found the punch card, you'll use it to interact with the large front gate. This will open the bunker door, but it comes with a catch: a loud siren blares, accompanied by flashing red warning lights. Additionally, the bunker door opens incredibly slowly, giving nearby players plenty of time to catch up. We tested it, and the opening bunker door can be heard within a radius of about 700 meters.

Why not use Entrance 2? If you attempt to enter the bunker through the second entrance, you'll need to have at least two players. The bunker door, which can be opened via a tower on the hill, remains open for only 10 seconds. This means one player needs to activate the switch, and another has to slip through the door. So, you'll need at least three players for this, as two players are required for the upcoming puzzles. If you've succeeded, you're now in Level 1 of the Livonia Bunker.

Personal Tip: You should definitely have night vision goggles or at least a headlamp. It's quite dark in the Livonia bunker.

Here is how to Solve the Puzzles in the Livonia Bunker

Puzzle 1: Adjusting Water Levels & Valves

If you explore the bunker in Livonia, you'll eventually come across a deep hole filled with water. Water spurts out of a leaking pipe into this hole. You can manipulate two different valves here, a blue one and a red one. When you turn them in the correct sequence, you unlock a secret passage:

  • Red Valve: Turning this wheel fills the basin with more water.
  • Blue Valve: Turning this one empties the basin slowly and reveals a secret passage.

Now, you can climb down a ladder that leads into the pit. On the bottom, you will find a drainage pipe that takes you to two different locations. If you follow the pipe, you'll discover a ladder leading up to the first secret area in the Livonia bunkers — or Level 2. Here, you'll find some good weapon loot spots and a medical area.


Here you need to turn the Valves in order to stop the water from puring into the hole.

The second secret area in the Livonia bunker is further down the original pipe. So, you must continue following the pipe and not choose the first ladder that leads up. At the second destination, you will encounter a similar ascent as before, but this time the ladder is broken.

Puzzle 2: Ascending the Broken Ladder

To climb the broken ladder in the bunker, you need to wait for the water level to rise. The valves you turned in the first puzzle are leaking, so the water slowly to its former height. When the water level is high enough, your character will float upward with the water. After the rising stops, you can reach the ladder.

In our playthrough, it took almost 10 minutes for the water level to rise high enough. So, it's best to have a teammate with you who waits at the valve puzzle. Your friend can adjust the water using the valves at the beginning at any time and thus can help you reach the ladder faster. Once you've reached Level 3 of the Livonia Bunker, you can now explore the rest of the bunker, including a large weapons cache and barracks.

Going alone is risky: If you're alone in the flooded area of the bunker, you'll need to hurry. As you now know, the water level rises over time, and if you take too long to loot, you'll be trapped, with no way out. And if you bring even more friends, you can grab even more of the juicy loot, that awaits you.

More about DayZ

What Loot Can You Find in the Livonia Bunker & Is It Worth Exploring?

For the bunker in Livonia, the DayZ developers have introduced a new Loot Tier Zone (Loot Stage) and Loot Tag called "Underground Loot." This means you'll find unique items here that you can't get anywhere else in all of DayZ.

Or, to make it simple:

The further you advance into the bunker, the better the loot. The best loot is available after Puzzle 2 in the weapon caches in Level 3.

Here's the loot in the Livonia Bunker (DayZ 1.23)

  • Loot on Level 1
    • Hannah's Backpack
  • Loot on Level 2
    • Black Plate Carrier
    • Green Plate Carrier
    • AK-101
    • Hannah's Backpack
  • Loot on Level 3
    • 2x Tactical Helmet with NVG
    • AUG AX
  • On all Levels:
    • Ammo Boxes
    • Gas Grenades
    • POX Vaccination
    • AUG A1
    • Gas Masks
    • Grey NBC Suit
    • M79 Gas Grenade

Note that the loot mentioned from Levels 1 to 3 is fixed loot. This means the loot appears during server restarts and loot resets, and if you're the first player on-site, the loot is yours!

That's it for the Complete Guide to the Livonia Bunker in DayZ. Now you know everything from entry, loot to puzzles. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment or send a message to the writer and survival expert Kevin Willing in the Community Discord -- and feel free to join our social media channels.

The interest in digging deep into the gaming industry stems from the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 in 2012. Kevin started working in the gaming industry in 2016. First as a trainee at Survivethis, the biggest German Survival-Games-Site at that time. Only half a year later, he got accepted at Gamestar and later MeinMMO. Now, on he implements all his Knowledge to deliver comprehensive news, guides, interviews and more unique topics.
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