DayZ: Activate Night Vision Goggles, Find it and use it

Published: May. 11, 2022
Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

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When night falls in DayZ, it gets darn dark. Without a light source or night vision goggles (NVG), navigating can be challenging. But how do you activate those night vision goggles? Guided writer Kevin Willing is here to tell you.

How to Activate Night Vision Goggles (NVG) in DayZ

  • Connect your night vision goggles to a 9-volt battery.
  • Press your assigned "Light" key to activate the NVG ("L" on PC).
  • For console default controls and important tips, check the article.

Activating and Assembling Night Vision Goggles in DayZ 2023

Where to Find Night Vision Goggles? In the current DayZ version 1.23, you can find night vision goggles or NVGs at helicopter crash sites and occasionally in military bases. In the Livonia map, you'll find two helmets with NVGs if you solve the riddles of the bunker facility and discover them in the dark bunker.

How to Activate It? To use night vision goggles in DayZ, you need more than just the goggles themselves. You need an item to attach to your head and a power source. Look for the following items on the NVG loot list:

  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Headstrap
  • or Tactical Military Helmet
  • 9V Battery

Once you have all the items, you need to assemble them in your inventory. Hold the headband or tactical helmet in your hand and attach the night vision goggles to combine both items. Now, you'll see a slot for the 9-volt battery in the night vision goggles, which you need to insert. Now, you can activate the night vision goggles.

Over time, the keybindings for night vision goggles in DayZ have changed. You may have tried all the known keys, such as N or L, as well as RB and R1 on consoles. But even if that was once the keybinding, it now works slightly differently, as we've found out:

Activating Night Vision Goggles in DayZ on PC, Playstation & Xbox (Keybindings):

  • PC: Hold down the "L" key
  • PS: Hold down the "R1" key
  • Xbox: Hold down the "RB" key
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Key Tips for Night Vision Goggles:

  • The battery can power your night vision goggles for about 80 minutes.
  • You can repair the NVG with an Electronics Repair Kit.
  • When holding the night vision goggles, you can look through them like binoculars.
  • Wearing the NVGs will restrict your field of view, whether in first-person or third-person.
The interest in digging deep into the gaming industry stems from the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 in 2012. Kevin started working in the gaming industry in 2016. First as a trainee at Survivethis, the biggest German Survival-Games-Site at that time. Only half a year later, he got accepted at Gamestar and later MeinMMO. Now, on he implements all his Knowledge to deliver comprehensive news, guides, interviews and more unique topics.
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