DayZ: Activate Night Vision Goggles & Use It Properly – Here’s how

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When night falls in DayZ, it gets pretty darn gloomy. Without a light source or a night vision device, orientation becomes difficult. But how exactly can you activate the night vision device? Guided editor Kevin Willing tells you why it doesn’t work and how you can get it to work.

Something is wrong! You’ve probably found a night vision device in DayZ and been unable to activate it. This problem, I also encountered a few days ago and tried to figure out how exactly the NVG in DayZ actually works. Spoiler: I figured it out and between you and me, I’m sharing the info too — wink.

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DayZ Activate & Assemble Night Vision Device

Where can you find night vision goggles? In the current DayZ version 1.17, night vision devices or NVGs spawn at helicopter crash sites and rarely in military bases. Small warning: Of course, this only applies to official servers. Community server operators can adjust the spawns and increase the spawn rate.

What do you need? In order to use the night vision goggles in DayZ, you need more than just the goggles themselves. You need an item to attach to your head and a power source:

  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Headband / Headstrap
  • or Tactical Military Helmet
  • 9v battery

Once you have all that together, you need to assemble the items in the inventory. To do this, take the headstrap or the tactical helmet in your hand and drag the night vision device onto it to combine both items. Now you’ll see a slot in the night vision device for the 9-volt battery that you need to insert. Now you can activate the night vision device.

How to activate the night vision goggles: The next hurdle is to turn on the device. You’ve probably already tried all the buttons and still it doesn’t work. This is because the button mapping has been changed. While you normally activate the night vision device in DayZ with “N”, it is now the “L” key. But you have to hold the key down, a simple press is not enough. And already the NVG should work.

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Useful info about the night vision device in DayZ

  • The battery can power your night vision goggle for about 80 minutes.
  • You can patch the NVG with an electronics repair kit.
  • When you hold the night vision device in your hand, you can look through it like you
  • would with binoculars.
  • When wearing the NVG, your field of view is restricted, whether in first-person or third-person.


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