DayZ Wound Infection Treat, Heal & Prevent Them – How it Works

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One feature in DayZ mows the players down like grain fields in late summer, very poetic, it is only about wound infection that can be avoided or cured very easily!

Wound infection is dangerous: Wound infection has been around again since DayZ update 1.13. This ensures a slow death, which also has many unpleasant side effects. Many players do not know that one can easily treat and even prevent wound infections in DayZ.

Causes and course of wound infection in DayZ

How to get it: A lot can hurt you in DayZ, but not everything causes an inflamed wound. Zombies, animals and even attacks from players spare you. However, not everything else that you can injure yourself on:

  • To run barefoot
  • Cuts from sliding ladders
  • Bleeding from fall damage
  • any other type of cut

Now is the time to act quickly, as you face two stages of wound infection before you die. By the way, players cannot transmit this type of disease. Not even by sharing blood or cutting the same knife – a shame, actually.


Stage 1 wound infection

  • Your character is moaning in pain
  • A pulsating blur covers your screen
  • Endurance regeneration is 50% slower

Stage 2 wound infection

  • Loud moans from your character
  • The blurring becomes even more pronounced
  • Fever sets in
  • Severe trembling of the hands
  • Water (hydration) empties 10 times faster
  • -0.75 health every 13 seconds (10 health in 4 minutes)
  • 40 minutes to guaranteed death

This is how you treat and prevent the wound infection

Prevention: So that you don’t get yourself into a precarious situation in the first place, you should consider the following. Bandages, scraps of cloth, and the sewing kit are your best options for treating a wound. However, they should be sterile, which you can do with disinfectant. Alcohol tinctures also disinfect your remedies.

But here, too, there is another crux. A change in the condition from, for example, flawless to worn, cancels the sterile effect.

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Treat wound infection level 1: If you notice an infection, you should act quickly. As long as you are in the first stage, you can easily heal them. Rub your wound with an iodine or herbal tincture. The wound infection status should subside within a minute and your DayZ adventure can continue. In level 2, however, you can immediately forget both aids.


Cure wound infection stage 2: If you have not been able to find a suitable treatment method for your mild infection, now is the time. To treat a stage 2 infection, you will need tetracycline tablets. The healing takes about 15-20 minutes in total, depending on your health.

This means that you usually have to insert 4 tablets until you are cured. But not all at once! Always wait until the effects of one tablet have worn off after around 4 minutes.


Worth knowing about wound infection

  • Cuts heal on their own after 5 minutes. This is guaranteed to cause an infection, regardless of whether you cleaned the wound or not.
  • Sterile items do not lose their status when they get wet.
  • You cannot achieve sterility through heat.
  • There is no additional shock damage just because you have an infection.
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