Diablo 4: Occultist and Enchanting Explained

Published: Mar. 18, 2023
Updated: Mar. 18, 2023

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Even though Diablo 4 is yet to be officially released, we know a lot about the game. Much information appears about the upcoming release daily, both from the developers themselves and gamers who have access to the game's beta version. We recently discovered Diablo 4 Occultist – one of the essential NPCs in the game, which you will need for Enchanting.

This guide will teach you this: Occultist and Enchanting in Diablo 4. Starting with the general information, we will go deep into the details. Enjoy!

Who Is the Occultist in Diablo 4?

Like Blacksmith, Occultist is one of the central NPCs in Diablo 4. He is a significant vendor responsible for various enchanting and some other stuff. Occultists can enchant your gear, extract power from the Legendary item, and craft Sigils necessary to open Nightmare Dungeons. 

How Enchanting in Diablo 4 Works

Once you know about the Occultist in Diablo 4, it is time to learn more about the primary function of this NPC; gear enchanting.

This is how it works: it allows you to take a reroll and replace the weak and undesirable Affixes with the more powerful ones. While enchanting in Diablo 4, you will be suggested with two unique Affixes and the extra option not to change the outcome. But you can be sure it is one of the worst things you can do while enchanting equipment. 

If you decide not to change the result, the item will be considered enchanted. The cost will be applied, and you will lose money. Still, you can continue rerolling until you find the best option.

It is not necessary to have three or four powerful Affixes. You can start from one or two and then get more materials and gold for the most appropriate Affixes. Still, it requires a lot of time and resources, probably the main disadvantage of Enchanting in Diablo 4.

Another trouble with enchanting in Diablo 4 is that rerolling your Affixes attaches that equipment to your account. So you cannot trade it with other players. Therefore, you must be careful and choose wisely when enchanting something in Diablo 4.

Finally, consider that some Affixes cannot coexist on one item. Therefore, you need to learn which stats can be put together to not waste your materials on the boosts you cannot get. But as the game has not been officially released yet, this information is currently unknown.

This is how imprints work: Imprints are additional abilities you can use on your equipment. You can find imprints in the various dungeons or when you disenchant legendary items. If an item already has an imprint, you can overwrite it with a new one.

That’s it with the Occultist and Enchanting in Diablo 4. Even though the system seems straightforward, you should know the details and nuances to enchant gear in Diablo 4 properly. Still, the system is yet to be entirely revealed. Therefore, many more new aspects will be shown in the future. And if you are looking for more guides on the game, please see our article on The Renown System.

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Artur is our English-speaking writer from Ukraine who covers many topics in the gaming field. From indies to triple-A blockbusters, he is a gamer through and through. He has been supporting our team as a freelancer since the beginning of 2023.
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