Disney Dreamlight Valley: Arepas Con Queso [Recipe and Ingredients Guide]

Published: Dec. 27, 2023
Updated: Jan. 20, 2024

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The three-star appetizer, Arepas Con Queso, was recently added to Disney Dreamlight Valley within the "A Rift in Time" add-on. To help you prepare this dish, we will provide you with the recipe and the ingredients you need, but also where to find them.

What you will learn in this guide:

  • The recipe and ingredients for Arepas Con Queso.
    • How you can collect the ingredients and where to find them.
  • The Coin and Energy Value of this meal.
  • Reasons why you should not neglect the cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Recipe and Ingredients for Arepas Con Queso in Dreamlight Valley

You will be able to prepare this 3-star meal with the following ingredients:

  • Corn
  • Cheese
  • Agave

How to Gather All the Ingredients:

Corn:  You can buy corn or corn seeds at Goofy's stand on the Dazzling Beach in the main game, or the Glittering Dunes on Eternity Isle for 15 coins each. Corn seeds take 12 minutes to grow before you can harvest them. After harvesting, you can sell the corn for 16 coins each, or you can eat it to receive 30 energy.

Cheese: Cheese is one of the foods you have to buy at Remy's store, which is located inside his restaurant. You can purchase it there for a price of 180 coins.

Agave: Agave plants grow on the Eternity Isle in the Glittering Dunes. You can simply pick them up from the ground, just like the other spices. The value of an Agave is 25 coins, and it provides 100 energy.

Author’s Tip: Plant the vegetable seeds where you bought them to reduce the growing time and improve quality. With the help of the ancient gardener, you have no work and can relax while harvesting the finished plants.
Arepas con Queso recipe and ingredients guide disney dreamlight valley

Recipe and Ingredients for Arepas Con Queso in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All Values of the Prepared Arepas Con Queso

After you have prepared the appetizer Arepas Con Queso, the values of the entire dish have changed as follows:

  • Value in Coins: 309
  • Energy Value: 770

Now you can decide whether you want to eat the dish yourself to recharge your energy or gain some extra energy. You can also sell the dish for some coins at one of Goofy's stalls, or you can decide to give the dish as a gift to a resident of your village.

Arepas mit Käsefüllung, Rezept und Zutaten Guide, Werte

Coin and energy value of Arepas Con Queso in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Benefits of Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking different dishes can help you complete quests and tasks that advance the main story of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Additionally, dishes can help you to improve your friendships with the residents, boost or restore your energy, or even earn some money.

Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Design your cooking place in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Get more recipe guides sorted by star rating, as well as by appetizers, main courses, or desserts, in our comprehensive Disney Dreamlight Valley guide overview.

Cooking to Increase Friendships

The residents who live in your valley, have three wishes per day they want the most, and which change daily. By gifting these wishes, you can level up your friendship with the respective resident faster, and make progress in the game. Often, one of these wishes includes a dish that you need to prepare accordingly. Occasionally, residents may also wish for two or, in rarer cases, three dishes a day.

In addition to the wishes above, while leveling up your friendship, 5-star dishes can also help, as they have a greater impact on raising the friendship bar. If you've already unlocked Remy's restaurant, you can prepare the residents' orders there and bring them the dish, which gives your friendship level an additional boost in return.

Cooking to Gain Energy:

Activities like mining gems or planting and harvesting vegetables use up your energy, causing the blue energy bar to decrease. You can easily restore your energy by eating dishes that also provide some extra energy, which is shown in gold, on top of the blue color of the bar. You can use this extra energy to use surfing, which helps you move through the valley more quickly.

Cooking to Earn Coins

The values of a cooked dish are determined by the values of the ingredients used, as well as the cooking process, which results in each dish having its unique worth. By selling dishes at Goofy's shops, you can find throughout the whole Valley, you can earn some bonus coins.

Cooking to Feed and Befriend Animals

Although most animals are content with individual ingredients like fish or vegetables, there are some animals in your Valley that insist on having their meals cooked. Examples of these animals include the ravens in the Forgotten Lands in the main game, who demand only 5-star dishes, and the monkeys on the Eternity Isle, who require dishes based on bananas with at least 3 stars. If you want to befriend these animals, you have to fulfill their specific wishes.

Cooking for Quests and Star Paths

In several quests you'll play in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll be tasked with cooking a specific recipe or multiple recipes to progress in the quest and game. Usually, you'll receive the recipe as part of the quest beforehand.

It's different for the tasks you must complete to earn rewards in the Star Path. These tasks can be very specific, such as having to eat or cook a particular dish in a certain number of times. Often, you'll only be given the number of stars and the quantity of dishes to make, which you'll need to cook accordingly.

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