Disney Dreamlight Valley: Braised Bamboo Shoots [Recipe and Ingredient Guide]

Published: Dec. 23, 2023
Updated: Dec. 23, 2023

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You are now enabled to prepare the 4-star main dish "Braised Bamboo Shoots" in Disney Dreamlight Valley with the "A Rift in Time" add-on. Find out which ingredients you need to collect and how to prepare the bamboo shoots.

What we will show you in this guide:

  • Recipe and Ingredients of the Braised Bamboo Shoots Dish.
  • Values of the cooked meal.
  • Reasons to start cooking early in the game.

Recipe and Ingredients for Braised Bamboo Shoots

For this 4-star recipe, which you can find in the collection within the main courses, you need to obtain the following ingredients:

  • Canola
  • Soya
  • Ginger
  • Bamboo

How to Get the Ingredients

Canola: You can buy canola on the Island of Eternity in the Ancient's Landing or at Goofy's stall in the Forest of Valor in the main game for 25 coins each. The seeds take 35 minutes to grow, after which you can sell them for 109 coins each, or you can eat them to gain 59 energy.

Soya: You can find soya seeds on the Sunlit Plateau in the main game, where you can purchase the seeds or plants for 60 coins. After planting the seeds, they take 1 hour and 30 minutes to grow before you can harvest them. Then, you can sell them for 69 coins each or eat them to restore 58 of your energy.

Ginger: Ginger can only be harvested in the Forgotten Lands, where it grows as a spice in random spots. It is easy to identify by its long, green stalks that resemble garlic. You can sell ginger at Goofy's shops for 50 coins each, or eat it to increase your energy by about 175.

Bamboo: Bamboo grows as a spice in the Wild Tangle on Eternity Isle, where you can simply pick it. Afterward, you can sell it for 80 coins each or eat it to receive 155 energy.

Author's tip: To speed up the growth process, I recommend planting the seeds in the biome where you bought them. With the assistance of the Ancient Gardener, you won't need to manually dig a plant bed, plant seeds, or water the plants, you only need to harvest them.


Braised Bamboo shoots Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients and Recipe

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Coin and Energy Value of Braised Bamboo Shoots in Dreamlight Valley

If you have prepared the braised bamboo shoots using the ingredients we mentioned above, you can see the corresponding values in your recipe collection or by hovering over the dish inside your inventory.

  • Value in Coins: 461
  • Energy Value: 898

You can now give the dish to residents as a gift, eat it yourself, sell it at Goofy's stalls, or store it for later.

Braised Bamboo shoots Disney Dreamlight Valley values

Reasons to Cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In due time, you'll have to start cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you want to make progress. We intend to tell you about the benefits of cooking and how you can use the cooked dishes in your Disney adventure.

Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Build your kitchen to cook.

Cooking to Level Up Friendship

Every day, the top three favorite wishes of each resident change regarding gifts that significantly boost friendship levels faster than other gifts. Most likely, at least one of these wishes includes a dish, maybe even two. Sometimes all of these three wishes can be meals.

Apart from these three wishes, you can gift 5-star dishes also to increase the friendship levels faster. Alternatively, preparing and delivering dishes ordered by residents at Remy's restaurant can help to raise your friendship levels too.

Cooking to Gain Energy

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, various activities and tasks require energy. Fortunately, you can easily restore this energy by consuming the dishes you have prepared. It's important to know that only the meals, and not the raw ingredients, can provide you with some extra energy that goes beyond your blue energy bar. This additional energy is shown in a golden color at the energy bar. You can use this extra energy for surfing, which allows you to move around the village more quickly.

Cooking to Earn Coins

After successfully preparing a recipe and having the dish in your inventory, you can check the value of that specific dish by hovering over it. Each dish has a unique value, which is a combination of the ingredients that you used and the cooking process. If you choose to sell the prepared meals at Goofy's shops, you can get yourself some extra money.

Cooking to Feed Animals

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will meet some animals that won't eat the raw ingredients as their food. Instead, they expect prepared dishes. Examples of such animals include the monkeys introduced in the "A Rift in Time" update, as well as the ravens from the main game, which you can find in the "Forgotten Lands" which even insist on getting 5-star dishes.

Cooking for Quests and Star Paths

Certain dishes, for which you may have already obtained the recipe, whether through your discovery or by a resident during a quest, are needed in the challenges of the Star Paths. Star Path tasks often involve cooking meals, like preparing a specific dish in a certain quantity, or a set number of different dishes with the same number of stars.

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