Disney Dreamlight Valley: Roasted Almonds [Recipe and Ingredients Guide]

Published: Dec. 22, 2023
Updated: Dec. 23, 2023

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With over 300 hours of gameplay, our writer Merrit Chiara shows you how to make the 2-star recipe for 'Roasted Almonds' and get the necessary ingredients in the cozy game Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What we will show you in this guide:

  • The recipe for roasted almonds and how to find the ingredients.
  • All Values of the prepared dish.
  • Why cooking is important in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley Recipe and Ingredients for Roasted Almonds

Roasted almonds are a 2-star recipe that you can find among the appetizers. To prepare it, you need the following ingredients:

  • Almonds
  • Agave

How and Where You Will Find the Ingredients:

Almonds: You can pick almonds from the trees in the Wild Tangle on Eternity Isles, which you received with 'The Rift in Time' add-on. After you've picked the almonds, they take 50 minutes to grow back. You can sell harvested almonds for 42 coins each, or you can eat them to increase your energy by 500.

Agave: You can also find agave in the Glittering Dunes on Eternity Isles. They grow there as spices that you can easily pick up from the ground. One agave is worth 25 coins and will raise your energy by 100 energy if you eat it.

Roasted Almonds Recipe and Ingredients Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Roasted Almonds Recipe and Ingredients

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Roasted Almonds: Coin and Energy Values

Once you have prepared the roasted almonds, you will see their coin and energy values in the collection or in your inventory, which are as follows:

  • Value in Coins: 86
  • Energy Value: 1070

You can now gift it to a resident, eat it yourself, sell it at one of Goofy's stalls, or store it.

Roasted Almonds Recipe and Ingredients Disney Dreamlight Valley values

The Values of the Roasted Almonds Recipe

Why Cooking is Important in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To progress in the story of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll need to start cooking in due time. We will tell you now, why cooking is worthwhile, and what you can use the cooked dishes for.

Kochen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Design your kitchen for cooking! (Disney Dreamlight Valley)

Cooking to Increase Friendship Level

Every day, the desire of the residents changes regarding the three special gifts that significantly increase the friendship level faster than any other gifts. Most likely, there is at least one dish among these gifts, if not even two. In addition to these three requests, dishes with five stars also help to level the friendship. Otherwise, preparing and delivering dishes that residents order at Remy's restaurant provides another opportunity to increase the friendship level.

Cooking to Gain Energy

Activities and tasks in Disney Dreamlight Valley require your energy. Fortunately, you can easily restore this energy by eating your prepared dishes. It's important to know that only cooked dishes can provide you with additional energy that exceeds your blue energy indicator. The extra energy is shown in gold and can be used for surfing, which allows faster movement within the village.

Cooking to Earn Coins

Once you've prepared a recipe and got the dish in your inventory, you can check its values. Each dish has its unique values, which result from the ingredients used and the cooking process. If you sell the prepared dishes at Goofy's stalls, you can earn some extra coins.

Cooking to Feed Animals

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, some animals won't eat simple ingredients. Instead, they expect prepared dishes from you, if you want to become friends with them. Examples of this are the monkeys you received through the A Rift in Time update, and the ravens from the Forgotten Lands in the main game, who even insist on only receiving 5-star dishes.

Cooking for Quests and Star Paths

Certain dishes, for which you may have already gotten the recipe, whether by discovering it yourself or by receiving it during a quest from a resident, are required for quests or tasks in the Star Paths. Within the Star Paths, these tasks often involve preparing dishes, either with specific instructions regarding the dish and the quantity, or the simple requirement to cook dishes with a certain number of stars.

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