Dreamlight Valley: Eve's When Things go Boom [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 15, 2023
Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

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Our editor Alex has been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley since the start of Early Access. Here, he explains how to complete the quest "When Things go Boom" from Eve.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Whether Eve's quests require purchasing the DLC "A Rift in Time."
  • What you need to do to complete Eve's quest "When Things go Boom."

Eve is not Included in the Vanilla Version

Disney Dreamlight Valley When Things go Boom Quest Guide

To unlock Eve in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to own the recently released “A Rift in Time” DLC. You can get it for $30 on Steam. This guide focuses on Eve’s quest “When Things go Boom”; that means you must have unlocked the charming metal bucket to play this story. How to do this can be found in this guide.

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By starting this Level 10 friendship quest, you have already done a lot for Eve. For example, you've completed her quests "A New Directive" and "Directive: Plants"; and, most importantly, you've reunited Eve with Wall-E. So, what could this slick machine possibly want now? Well, she might imagine a more interesting activity than gardening.

Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve "When Things go Boom"

Once you've maxed out your friendship with Eve (Level 10), talk to her. You'll find out that Eve wants to have an adventurous experience, which she could have by just exploring the secrets of the Eternity Isle. But when you suggest Stitch as a companion, things quickly take a different turn.

Disney Dreamlight Valley When Things go Boom Quest Guide 02

It soon becomes clear that Stitch is indeed the right companion for Eve. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

But first, talk to the little troublemaker. Stitch will then give you the recipe for Experimental Fireworks and some Cactus Powder. Return to Eve with these items.

Fireworks with Consequences

Now, it's time to prepare the fireworks. For the Experimental Fireworks, in addition to the Cactus Powder you already have, you need to gather the following ingredients:

  • Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract: Available from the Dreamlight Cobra Lily near Eve's house.
  • Cinnamon: Found throughout the Wild Jungle.
  • Electric Eel: Can be caught in the Grasslands and the Promenade in the Wild Jungle. You need to fish in the orange swirls there.

After you've made the fireworks, bring them to Eve. Then accompany her to the docks, where you will test the fireworks. Unfortunately, the area catches fire, so you must quickly pull out the (filled) watering can and extinguish the flames. After another conversation with Eve, you can inform Stitch about the performance of the fireworks.

Disney Dreamlight Valley When Things go Boom Quest Guide 01

Well, that didn't go as planned. Please extinguish the flames with the watering can. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

Making the Fireworks Safer

Stitch will then instruct you to find socks, as he claims they will make the fireworks safer. You're not just looking for one sock, but three. They can be found in the Ruins, the Lagoon, and the Wasteland, but only by using the Royal Hourglass. Once you have all the socks, bring them to Stitch.

For some reason, the gremlin-like creature didn't tell you right away, but he needs more items to make the fireworks safer. This time, your collection task includes:

  • Dream Shards: Known to be obtained by destroying Night Thorns or Fate Shards. Also, digging at sparkling spots can unearth Dream Shards.
  • Red Jar Plants: Found in the Lagoon, the Grove, and the Wild Jungle.

The Show Can (Almost) Begin

Give these items to Eve, who will then let you know that nothing more stands in the way of a public demonstration of the fireworks. That is, not quite, as the Island of Eternity should be decorated accordingly first. You'll need these items:

  • Cute Rugs x3
  • Cute Chairs x6
  • Cute Decorations x4
Disney Dreamlight Valley When Things go Boom Quest Guide 03

There you go, it worked. All the valley's inhabitants survive the fireworks. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

After everything is in place, talk to Eve to receive the fireworks launcher. You can set it up at any location on Eternity Isle. A photo of the fireworks show and a final conversation with Eve then conclude the quest "When Things go Boom."

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available since December 5th for PC (Steam), macOS, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch. The price for the full version is 40 dollars on all platforms; the DLC "A Rift in Time" costs 30 dollars.


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