How to Find Food in DayZ & Save Calories in The Process

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This guide is about how to find food in Dayz & saving calories in the process. Of course, we will show you more than one way!

What players get wrong: One of the biggest criticisms DayZ is faced with is the accusation that there is not enough loot and not even enough food. This does not only depend on the server, it is also wanted!

The only thing that many gamers think about is that they can only find packaged food in DayZ. But just like in the real world, the world is sprouting from food sources! Find out now what these are and how you can find and save food in DayZ!

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How to Find Food in DayZ – Easier Than You Think!

This is why you need so much: The most important thing when there is a food shortage is to save this rare commodity. You can do this by not constantly making the Shift key glow red. Other calorie eaters are:

  • Sprint
  • Jump
  • Climb
  • Fight

You should avoid these actions at the beginning. So jog to the goal, don’t sprint! But further on, how can you find food in DayZ?

This is how you can find food in DayZ

1. Look into your inventory

Often times you already have something to eat on you. This is usually a fruit on vanilla servers. On community servers, you maybe find canned food or meat here. Just take a look, you might be lucky!


2. Loot boats on the coast

I mean you spawn on the coast, so why not use it? You will not only find food and tools at the small boats on the beach but also waterproof and weatherproof clothing and backpacks. So overall it’s a good first port of call – got the pun?


3. Move further inland

The coasts are mostly grazed empty by countless fresh spawns like yourself. There is not much left to find. So the best chances of finding food in DayZ is in the interior of the country. Small villages in particular, which are ignored by most players, still have some supplies stored. You can use this interactive map to find your way.


4. Live by nature

There are forests and gardens everywhere in Chernarus and Livonia or any mod map, despite Namalsk, of course. You can find different sources of food here. For some you don’t need anything, others require a firearm:

  • Mushrooms: These grow in forests but are easy to miss. Be careful not to catch a poisonous one!
  • Fruits: Apples, pears or plums, what will it be? All of these fruits grow on trees in the region. In some places, you can even find whole plantations with dozens of trees! The fruits then lie under the tree on the ground.
  • Wild & farm animals: Where do farm animals end up when humans are gone? Of course also in the forest and on the large meadows. If you can call a firearm your own, all you have to do is go on the prowl. Fried meat & especially fat provides you by far with the most calories. You can find out how to prepare food here.

5. Grow your own food

From hunters and gatherers to farmers. That turned out to be more profitable not only for us in human history but also in the zombie apocalypse of DayZ. Because you don’t have to find food in DayZ, you can plant it. In addition to a pack of seeds which can be found in green houses, this requires the following aids:

  • Tools: spade or pickaxe to create a small field
  • Water: You will need at least two water bottles or a canister full of water to water your plants.
  • Opt. Fertilizer: “Garden Lime” helps your plants to grow faster. This process doesn’t take too long anyway.
  • Time: If you are on the verge of starvation, your green thumb will unfortunately no longer help you. But if you can spare some time, this is a great way to top up your supplies.

You can gradually see how your plants grow and thrive. After you’ve plowed your vegetables, you can of course eat them. But save a fruit or two and cut it up. This will give you new seeds and the game will start over.


Summary of How to Find Food in DayZ

How do you survive? Have you found other ways to get food reliably? Our methods are summarized again for you here:

  • Check your inventory to see if there is any food in it.
  • Search your nearby spawn area for boats on the coast.
  • Make your way inland quickly, there’s more loot here!
  • It is possible to live exclusively from nature. Hunt, collect, process.
  • You can plant your food and live forever.


  1. Thank you for the explanation, most people just write
    “Go play COD if you dont like it.”
    You just need to look at food in game differently. Thank you, well done.


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