Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch Kingfish and Where to Find it

Published: Jun. 30, 2022
Updated: Jan. 17, 2024

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can enjoy doing various activities, such as fishing. If you are fishing, you have the opportunity to catch different types of fish in various biomes, including the Kingfish. This guide will show you how to catch the Kingfish successfully.

What you can expect in this guide:

  • Basic info about the Kingfish.
  • How to catch the Kingfish.
  • General information about fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: This is the Kingfish

The Kingfish is a light blue fish with dark blue stripes that can only be caught at the Dazzling Beach. The chances of catching one are lower compared to most of the other fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you manage to catch a Kingfish, you can sell it at Goofy's stands for 450 coins per fish. Additionally, eating a Kingfish will grant you 800 energy. If you use the Kingfish in a recipe, the dish will also gain 800 energy.

How to Catch the Kingfish in Dreamlight Valley

As we mentioned earlier, the Dazzling Beach is the only place where you have a chance to catch the Kingfish. Look for the blue circles in the water or try your luck with the white ones. However, it's much more likely to catch a Kingfish through the blue circles.

Important Note: The Kingfish only appears at night, which is why you can exclusively catch it during this time. Wait until it gets dark in your valley before attempting to fish for the Kingfish.

If you have a task that involves catching multiple Kingfish, we recommend bringing along a resident to whom you've assigned the fishing specialty. The friendship level with this resident should be high or at the maximum level because the higher your friendship level with this resident is, the more likely it is that you receive an additional fish alongside your catch. However, please note that for Star Path tasks, the fish you obtain through the fishing specialty will not count.

Author's Tip: By using the Miracle Fishing Bait, you can catch a Kingfish directly at each blue circle at night.

Basic Information About Fishing

As you already know, one of the various activities you can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley is fishing. Fishing allows you to catch different types of fish and learn important information about them, like values. Fish that were caught from the white circles are the most common and have lower coin and energy values. On the other hand, fish in the blue circles are rarer, leading to their higher values, which makes it harder to catch them.

The most rare and valuable fish are found in the orange circles. Corresponding to them being rare, they are the most challenging to catch. If you use the Miracle Fishing Bait, all the white circles will automatically turn into orange ones, increasing your chances of catching rare fish.

Fishing Specialization and Friendship Level

If you assign a resident to the fishing specialization, you can increase your friendship level with them faster by having them accompany you while fishing. This specialization also enables you to receive more fish. It is good to know that the chances rise with a higher friendship level, that the resident will regularly give you an extra fish of the same type you caught.

What You Need Fish For in Dreamlight Valley

Fishes in different biomes come in various sizes, which can affect their weight, but also their coin, and energy values. Selling fish to Goofy can help you earn some extra coins.

If you don't want to sell the fish, you can use them for cooking various dishes, which you can also sell for coins or eat to gain energy. Some dishes require specific types of fish, while others can use any type.

In quests or Star Path tasks, you'll often have to catch a certain number of specific fish or fish from a given biome. Sometimes, the task might specify the color of the circle from which you should fish.

Lastly, it's important to mention that there are animals in Dreamlight Valley whose favorite food is seafood or fish, and you'll need to give them these treats to become friends with them.

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