Diablo Immortal: How to Complete the Call of the Ancestors Event

Published: Jun. 29, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Special events await you in almost all area zones of Diablo Immortal. For the Call of the Ancestors event, you have to go to the frozen tundra and collect a certain resource first. We will show you how to start the event and what awaits you in it.

The Frozen Tundra is the eighth area in Diablo Immortal. Like most of the other areas, this one also has a certain challenge in store for you, namely the area event Call of the Ancestors. In it, you have to protect an ancient spirit from ghost hunters on its way to an altar. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know to successfully participate.

How to activate the Call of the Ancestors event

Before you can summon the spirit, you will need quite a bit of the so-called Ancient Essence. You can get this resource by defeating monsters in the Frozen Tundra area. Each monster has a relatively high probability of dropping some ancient essence, in addition to the normal rewards.

On the top left of your screen, you can check your progress. With each collected essence, the bar increases. To bring it to 100 percent, you need to farm in the area for about 10 to 15 minutes. When you have collected enough ancient essence, you can summon the ancient spirit and the Call of the Ancestors' event will begin.

Diablo Immortal call of the ancients

During the event.

Note: If you can't start the event, it's probably because you haven't unlocked or activated Hell difficulty 1 yet. The event is only playable on this difficulty level or higher.

Summoning the Ancient Spirit and Collecting Relics

Once you activate the Call of the Ancestors event, the Ancient Spirit will appear and make its way to the Altar of the Ancestors. Your task is to follow him and protect him from the constantly appearing ghost hunters. They keep attacking him on his way. Defeated ghost hunters drop relics of the ancestors. You should collect these relics. You can exchange them for items at the Ancient Spirit after the event.

Diablo Immortal remove curse

Good to know: The better you take care of the ghost, that is, the less damage it takes from the ghost hunters, the more loot you can get out of the relics you collect. This is because the relics are cursed and the ghost removes the curses for you. The amount of removals is directly tied to the health of the ghost at the conclusion of the event. In addition to the relics, you will also receive experience points from the codex and Battlepass rewards for completing the event.

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