Dying Light 2 Safe Codes: All locations for good loot

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In Dying Light 2 you will always find hidden safes in the large open game world that you have to open with a code. They usually contain very good loot that you shouldn’t miss. We tell you where to find all safes and their codes.

Here you can find all safes and codes in Dying Light 2

To make it easier to find the safes, we have created a map for you and entered all known safe locations (so far) together with the code.


So far, the locations of 7 safes are known. If you find more, please leave us a comment.

These are the safe codes: 4 of the 7 known safes are located in the starting area of ​​Dying Light 2 and are often quite easy to find. But also keep in mind that some safes can only be found and opened during a side mission.

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  • Trinity – Bazaar Tower – Safe Code 5 1 0: At the very top of the bazaar, on the tower, you will find the safe with the code 5 1 0. However, to get to the tower you need higher stamina.
  • Houndfield – Nightrunner Hideout – Safe Code 1 0 1: There is a Nightrunner Hideout on the eastern border of the Houndfield area. There you will also find the safe with the code 1 0 1.
  • Houndfield-Dr. Katsumi’s Office in Saint Joseph Hospital – Safe Code 9 7 3: During the prologue mission where you are supposed to get the biomarker in Saint Joseph Hospital, you will also find a safe with the code 9 7 3 in one of the offices.
  • Horseshoe – Water Tower – Safe Code 14 9 2: During the side mission “Moonshine” you will find the safe with code 14 9 2 behind a locked door at the Water Tower.
  • Downtown – Bandit Camp “Downtown Thugs” – Safe Code 3 1 3: In the bandit camp you will find the safe with the code 3 1 3 relatively high up in the building in a room with a broken wall where yellow lamp tubes are hanging from the ceiling.
  • Muddy Grounds – Water Tower – Safe Code 3 21 67: During the Treasure Hunt side quest, you will come to the Water Tower in the north of Muddy Grounds. There is a safe with code 3 21 67 in the basement.
  • Garrison – Electrical Station – Safe Code 3 1 4: During the “Transmission” side quest, you will get to an electrical station and the building called Section C in southern Garrison. There you will find the safe with the code 3 1 4.

If you want to find the codes yourself, you can usually find them nearby as a collect note. You can then read the code in your inventory.

This is how you enter the codes correctly: The safes have all a rotary lock. You enter 3 numbers each, which can range between 1 and 99. For example, 3 – 21 – 67. If you enter the numbers correctly, the safe will open, and you can pocket the good loot.

Did you find any more safes and their codes? Let us know in the comments! We will then revise the article.


  1. There’s one in the highest tower in garrison, after you go get lawan her sneakers from her old place, go back to that tower top, you’ll see an inhibitor marker not quite at the top, there’s an opening with a ledge you can jump off to get to it, and the code is 666, they used a slipknot song for the code, and it’s a rubber ducky with red eyes that once you pick up, a zombie can be heard, but nothing happens


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