Dying Light 2: How to Get The Bow and All Arrow Types + Improve The Bow Damage

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Dying Light 2 focuses on melee combat, but for the tactical mind there is also a bow and even a semi-automatic alternative! Guided.news now shows you how to get your first bow, unlock the various arrow types and even get the “secret weapon”.

How good is the Bow? The bow is one of the few ranged weapons in Dying Light 2. At first glance it doesn’t seem very strong, but with the right clothes you can turn it into a super weapon — especially in combination with the different arrow types.

Getting and improving your first bow

For you to even get the chance to get a bow, you’ll have to play the story. It will take you about 7 to 10 hours, depending on your own pace, to get to the story mission “Lets Waltz”. If the main story sends you to a quarry, you know you’ve arrived.

The mission takes about an hour and lets you enter the new section of the open world for the first time. You also get your own first bow, as well as the option to build your own at any time:

“Lets Waltz” summarized:

  • Start: After about 7 to 10 hours
  • Mission duration: 45 – 60 minutes
  • Progress: Second Open World unlocked
  • Reward: Pipe bow, feathers, blueprints for bows and arrows

Here you get the better bow: In the first settlement in the city center, there is a merchant. The old lady sells you some knives and axes as well as a new artifact bow, in our case the sport bow.


Get all kinds of arrows and make them yourself

What kind of arrows are there? Just like in the predecessor, Dying Light 2 offers various types of arrows. A new addition is a variant that can turn people into zombies. Otherwise, the range is as follows:

  • Normal arrow
  • Electric arrows
  • Fire arrows
  • Poisonous arrows
  • Explosive arrows
  • Bleeding arrows
  • Infected Arrows

Where to get arrows and blueprints? Merchants sell the arrows for a pretty penny. Instead of buying the ammunition, you can easily make it yourself. As always, you will need blueprints. Normal arrows can be made from the beginning, since you received the blueprint after the Lets Waltz quest.

All other blueprints for the different arrows can be bought from the master craftsman in one of the larger settlements. Now the only currency you require is crafting materials.

More about Dying Light 2

These are the materials you will need: Most often you will need feathers and scrap metal. You can find feathers on the roofs, next to the beehives on a tree. Scrap metal can be found everywhere, in buildings and garbage cans on the street. All other types of arrows require specific materials, which you’ll collect during the playthrough.


Improve your bow for even more damage – Here’s how to do it

To maximize the damage dealt with your bow, you’ll have to upgrade your class. Dying Light 2, unlike its predecessor, introduces armor pieces that offer different bonuses and define your class. To deal the most damage, archers in Spee should focus on armor pieces for the Ranger class.

Ranger clothing improves the damage dealt with ranged weapons, reduces the consumption of stamina when shooting, and lets you sneak better. But not every piece gives the same stats! Some give you a big bonus to damage, but less to sneaking, and vice versa.

With the first bows you get, you’ll need at least two hits. This changes later when you find better bows. Some weaker enemies can even be killed with only one hit. One positive aspect of the bow is that it can’t break. No matter how many times you shoot it, it stays at 100% durability. You can’t install mods for it.



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