Elden Ring: How to Defeat Malekith, The Black Blade

Published: Dec. 13, 2022
Updated: Dec. 13, 2022

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In Elden Ring, you'll have to face numerous really tough bosses. Malekith, the Black Blade in Farum Azula is definitely one of the hardest and coolest enemies in the lands between.

The fight against Malekith is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the boss comes in the form of a Beast Clergyman, and only in phase two does Malekith show his true face. In our guide, we will show you which attacks Malekith uses in each phase and how you can defeat him.

The Fight against Malekith in Elden Ring

This Bossfight is one of the hardest in the whole game. You should follow a few important rules for the boss to fight against the Black Blade in Farum Azula.

  1. The spirit ash Mimic Tear (ideally at level 10) is the biggest help in the fight against Malekith.
  2. You must not carry too much weight, because agility and dodging are very important.
  3. A strong melee weapon with good talent, for example, a katana.

First phase: The fight against the Beast Clergyman

Even the first phase of the fight is very impressive. The boss fight is definitely one of our highlights in Elden Ring. In this section, the Beast Clergyman alternates between two ranged attacks. In the first, he throws a large boulder at you, and in the other, he hurls several stone arrows. You can easily dodge both attacks, because the animations before the attack give you enough time.

Elden Ring Bestienkleriker Range

You will have enough time to dodge the throwing stones.

In close combat, the Beast Clergyman stabs you with his dagger or causes shockwaves that inflict a lot of damage. He announces these shockwaves long beforehand by ramming his dagger into the ground. You have enough time to retreat from the danger zone or dodge the shockwave with a roll.

Elden Ring Bestienkleriker Schockwelle

As soon as one of the shockwaves get visible, you should move far away from the boss.

It's best to stay hidden behind one of the pillars until the Beast Clergyman starts attacking your Mimic Tear. Then you can land a few hits from behind. After that, immediately hide behind the pillar again and repeat the whole thing. This way the first phase is very easy to master.

Elden Ring Bestienkleriker

Attack the Beast Clergyman from behind as he focuses on your spirit ash.

Phase Two: Malekith, the Black Blade

As "easy" as the first phase against the Beast Clergyman was, it now gets difficult in the fight against Malekith. After the awesome cutscene, one of the toughest, if not the toughest boss fight in all of Elden Ring begins. Malekith, the Black Blade is extremely fast and deals a brutal amount of damage.

His only weakness is that he can't take too much. If you did well in the first stage, your spirit ash should still have a lot of life, which can be crucial for the following fight. Because even against Malekith, it's advisable to wait until he focuses on your Mimic Tear. As soon as he does that, you have to get very close to the opponent and land hits.

Malekith's attacks in Elden Ring

But this is not necessarily easy, because Malekith has powerful attacks himself and your spirit ash is quickly defeated. The boss often rises into the air and swings through the entire arena, from where he hurls ranged attacks at you with his black blade. These are best sat out behind a pillar.

The most powerful attack is a whirl around with his blade, which does an enormous amount of damage in the entire area around Malekith. Another attack is characterized by a sudden push forward. All these attacks have a short animation time, so you must never let Malekith out of your sight. Stay behind the pillar and wait for the boss to focus on your ash, then get close and land hits.

Elden Ring Black Bladen Malekith

For this attack you should be far enough away or at least have full HP. Otherwise it will be tight.

If your Mimic Tear is already defeated, you should stay at a distance until Malekith has performed his twirl. Only then can you try to get close enough to him with dodge rolls.

Elden Ring Black Bladen Melee

Stay close to Malekith to dodge his attacks and land hits yourself.

Note: Many of Malekith's attacks will continue to damage you for a while after they hit! If you have already lost a lot of life, this can make the difference between victory and defeat. So take the time to replenish your HP after each hit (of course, this is often easier said than done against Malekith).

A little tip: Of course, the whole thing works the other way around. If you have a weapon with poison damage, sometimes a single hit is enough and Malekith suffers permanent damage over time. For example, you can switch weapons after summoning your Mimic Tear. This allows you to use different weapons with different types of damage against Malekith.

In any case, the fight against the Black Blade is worth it. When you defeat Malekith, you'll receive 220,000 runes and the Echo of the Black Blade as a reward.

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