Elden Ring: Dissatisfied with your skills? How to Respec Your Character

Published: Mar. 03, 2022
Updated: May. 09, 2022

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Especially new players in the Souls genre can quickly get bogged down when skilling the attributes in Elden Ring. We at Guided.news now show you how to respec your character's attributes in Elden Ring. 

Why re-skill? There are many reasons for respec your character. You may have found a weapon that requires a high strength value that you don't have. Nor did you find an ash that changes your attribute focus. Or maybe you accidentally skilled up or just want to try something new. Whatever your reason, we'll explain how to re-skill and lay out your character.

Elden Ring: Respec Attributes - What you need

This is how far you need to be: To respec, you must have already left the Storm Veil Castle behind. This is the castle where you fight the first boss, Margit. Once you've passed through the castle, you'll come out in Liurnia.

Here you have to defeat the second big boss in Elden Ring: Godrick the Transplanted. Now the way is open for you to fulfill the other requirements to re-skill your character.

  • Glintstone Academy Key: You will find the key to the academy to the left of the academy. An angry dragon guards the key, but you don't have to defeat it to get the coveted lock opener. The key itself lies by a petrified corpse on a rock.
  • Larva Tear: The closest Larva's Tear is located at the bottom of Liurnia. Teleport to the first site of mercy in the area (Laskya Ruins). Always keep to the left and jump up a slope. From here on, keep going straight until you reach a cave. Jump up to the tombs and grab the tear.

While you only need to find the key once, you will consume one larva tear. You can only respec your character once per tear in Elden Ring.

Finally: Unlock and cleans the academy

Now, before you rush into the academy to reset your attributes, you should know what to expect. There are two bosses in the academy that you have to defeat. In addition, of course, there are all sorts of smaller opponents. Defeat them, unlock your graces and face the second and final boss, "Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon".

Once you've defeated her, she'll offer to set your attributes to your class standard. You'll get back all the runes you've already invested, and you'll be able to re-skill yourself.

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