Enshrouded: How to Find the Hunter

Published: Feb. 01, 2024
Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

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One of the first NPCs you can find after the Blacksmith is Athalan Skree, the Hunter, who will be useful if you like to use a bow to destroy enemies in Enshrouded. We like bows, so we decided to go to her as soon as possible, and now we can tell you how to find her.

Contents of the Guide: In this guide, you will learn how to find the Hunter.

  • Where to look for the Hunter.
  • How to get to the Ancient Vault - Hunter.
  • What you can do with the Hunter.

How to Find the Hunter in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Ancient Vault - Hunter

Head to this location to find Hunter.

Once you have the Hunter Becomes the Hunted quest, you will have to look for her in the Ancient Vault - Hunter. You can go there on foot, but the best way is to take the glider down from the top of the Springlands Ancient Spire. You might have come across this fast travel point on your way to the Ancient Vault - Blacksmith. Deal with the enemies in the Springlands Ancient Spire if you haven't already to unlock this fast travel point.

Enshrouded Springlands Ancient Spire

Unlock this fast travel point to make your way to Hunter easier and quicker.

Once you're on the top, drink water to increase your stamina and jump with the glider to the east. Also, on the way there, you can find the Flame Shrine and take the Spark.

At the entrance to the Ancient Vault, you will meet several bear-like humanoids. You can easily deal with them if you use your shields in time or keep them at a distance and shoot them with your bow. Just before the entrance, you'll need to avoid the trap with electrified spheres and then jump over the lava with the Grappling Hook.

After a short exploration of the building, you will quickly find a room with the same capsules, where you can find other NPCs. After interacting with the glowing capsule, you can return to the base and summon the Hunter with your Summoning Staff.

What Can You Do With the Hunter in Enshrouded?

It's easy to guess that you can craft everything related to hunting with Hunter. Many of her blueprints include Animal Fur and other animal-related materials. If you want to be an archer, you need to find the Hunter as soon as possible because she can make a variety of armor that will improve your long-range shooting ability. You can also craft various arrows from her, such as Scrap Arrows or arrows that can poison your opponents. However, the most important thing you get with Hunter is an upgraded backpack that can store more items.

Just like Blacksmith, she has her own unique stations that you should craft to unlock new blueprints:

  • Drying Rack - Used to create Dried Fur.
  • Hand Spindle - Turns Flax into Linen.
  • Tanning Station - It can be used to make leather.

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