Escape from Tarkov: “Energy Crisis” Quest Guide – All Tank Locations & Rewards

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Many missions in Escape From Tarkov are not straightforward, and the Energy Crisis quest is definitely one of them. But don’t worry, we’ve found all the tankers for you and explain how you can complete the mission quickly and easily.

What type of quest is this? The Energy Crisis mission is a marking task, like the ones you had to do earlier in the game. You have to attach transmitters to tankers. The trader Mechanic needs this fuel to keep his generators running. But beware: if you play on the side of the Bears, you should be especially careful, because the map is teeming with Rogues.

Short info about the quest:

  • Quest-giver: Mechanic
  • Receipt: From level 25
  • Map: Lighthouse
  • Necessary for Kappa: Yes
  • Special feature: Difficult for BEAR

Tarkov Quest Guide: Energy Crisis – Markers & Tank Truck Locations

How does the quest begin? As usual in Tarkov you get the quest in the main menu at the merchant’s. This time, Mechanic is your contact and once you reach level 25 and have progressed far enough in the quest series, you will now receive Energy Crisis as a quest. Mechanic reveals to you that his usual distributor is down, so you need to mark some fuel trucks for his people to pick up.

The Energy Crisis tasks are:

  • Mark a group of tanks with an MS2000 marker.
  • Mark 3 more fuel trucks each with an MS2000 marker.

What items you need for the quest: To start the quest, you need the markers mentioned above. But where do you get the MS2000 markers? You can find them in the blue warehouse on Woods. Here you can find the markers on the shelves.

Thanks to the kindness of Tarkov developers, you can also buy MS2000 markers from Prapor. Just go to his store and sort by the “S symbol” in the item list. One marker costs about 15,000 rubles. If you have already placed a marker and die within the 30 seconds counter afterward, you will have to buy a new MS2000 marker from Prapor.

MS2000 Marker from Tarkov.

All tanker truck locations for Energy Crisis

  • 1st Tanker Truck: You should start at the southern Water Treatment Plant, because you can work off two trucks here. You can find the first tanker truck on the access road in the south of the plant. The tank truck is right in front of the stationary grenade launcher and the machine gun nest. For USEC this is not a big deal, only BEARs should be careful — this is true for the whole map Lighthouse.
  • 2nd Tank Truck: As promised, you will find the second tank truck also at the Water Treatmen. This time you have to go to the north-west of the plant. Here you will find various buildings. On their facades you can see a number from 1 to 3. In front of the building (also USEC building) with the number 3 you will quickly discover truck number 2. Again, watch out for the stationary guns in your surroundings.
  • 3rd tanker truck: Now go west until you reach the goods station (behind USEC building 2). There is a raised walkway between the area with the shipping containers and the “Armored Train” extract. If you are coming from USEC Building 2, the third and last tanker is on the right below the walkway.
  • The Group of Tanks: Conveniently, the group of fuel tanks is exactly in extension to the third tank truck. Look closely, they are embedded in the ground!

Need a better overview of the entire map of Lighthouse? Then check out our interactive Tarkov map. Here you can select the map you want and get a better orientation.

Once you have marked these tanks with the MS2000, you only have to wait for the final 30 seconds. Now you can leave with the next best extract from Lighthouse and hand in your Energy Crisis quest.

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Reward for the Tarkov Quest Energy Crisis:

If you successfully got out of the raid, you can claim your reward from the Merchant Mechanic. That is, you will get:

  • 13,000 experience points
  • 75,000 – 86,000 Rubles (depending on the level of your IC)
  • Mechanic reputation +0.02
  • Unlocks the FN SCAR-L in the Mechanic store

What do you think? Did we forget something important, or is something not clear enough? Let us know in a comment and or give tips to the other readers. If you are looking for help for the mission, you can contact us in our Discord, here you will surely find fellow players!



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