Escape From Tarkov: This is What Colorful & Purple Names Mean

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There are blue, green, yellow, and purple names in Escape From Tarkov. Since this confuses many players, we will explain to you in this article what is behind it!

Why different colors: Battlestate Games, the developer behind Escape From Tarkov, came up with a color-coded recognition system. This should enable players to determine at a glance which position a player has outside the game. However, the purple name tags or other colored ones always lead to confusion.

That is what the green, blue & purple name tags mean in Tarkov!

Differences in the colors: Let’s clarify the simplest point first. Players with a Crown: They simply own the most expensive edition of Escape From Tarkov. So and on to the color tags!

1. Purple name in Tarkov

Players with a purple nametag are so-called “emissaries”. This name could hardly be more apt as they are encouraged to spread Escape From Tarkov in their region and to take care of the surrounding community.



2. Blue name

If you discover a player with a blue name, you may consider yourself lucky. Depending on what rank a developer has in your heart. Because the blue names stand for the developers & team members of Battlestate Games.



3. Green name

The Tarkov players with a green name are teachers & supporters, called “Sherpa”. They will help newbies find their way around the game and teach them the basics of Escape From Tarkov.


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4. Yellow name (yellow sign in front of the name)

Escape From Tarkov is a place where many players meet. If you meet a player with a yellow name, you have an admin on hand — or he will probably shoot you overboard.



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