Escape From Tarkov: The Best AK Builds in Early & Mid-Wipe (12.11)

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Escape From Tarkov Wipe and Update 12.11 have arrived, and again we wonder which AK build is best for early and mid-wipe? The answer is simple: the free one.

This is what we show: In this guide, we will show you how you can get an AK 74 almost free of charge over and over again. Of course, this also includes properly modifying them. So which AK 74 builds are the best for the early and mid-wipe of Escape From Tarkov?

The best AK-74 builds for early & mid-wipe

Secure free AK: In order to secure an almost free AK 74, you have to have expanded your hideout a little. To be specific, you will need a workbench. Now all that’s left is a VPO, which you can often loot from Scavs. You can optionally buy them at Skier or Fence.

You now have to disassemble this VPO in your workbench to get 2x weapon parts. Then you buy from Prapor:

  • Wood AK-74 handguard (6P20)
  • Izhmash AK-74 wooden shoulder rest

So for every VPO that you dismantle, you will get two AK-74 assault rifles. To repeat this, you only need the two parts mentioned above once. But now on to our first AK build for Tarkov 11/12.

AK-74 standard values

  • Recoil: 144
  • Ergonomics: 31

1. Cheap AK-74 Early Wipe Build


Weapons Part Attachment Trader / Price
Barrel Ultimak M1-B Skier L1 — 2,500 Rub
Sight Cobra EKP-8-02 Prapor L1 — 10,000 Rub


Recoil 84
Ergonomics 47
Total Price 34,800 Rub

2. Mid-Wipe AK-Build


Weapons Part Attachment Trader / Price
Barrel Ultimak M1-B Gas Skier L1 — 2,500 Rub
Muzzle Zenit DTK-1 Compensator Skier L2 — 4,500 Rubel
Gp-25 Recoil Pad
Parpor L2 — 3,000 Rub
Sight Cobra EKP-8-02 Prapor L2 — 10,000 Rub


Recoil 69
Ergonomics 49
Total Price 42,300 Rub

3. Best AK Build for Early- & Mid-Wipe


Weapon Part Attachment Trader / Price
Barrel Ultimak M1-B Gas Skier L1 — 2,500 Rub
Muzzle Zenit DTK-1 Compensator Skier L2 — 4,500 Rub
Hand Guard AK-100 Hand Guard Prapor L1 — 2,000 Rub
Front Grip Zenit RK-4 Frontgrip Skier L2 — 9,000 Rub
Chassis AKademia Bastion Dust Cover Skier L2 — 6,500 Rub
GP-25 Recoil Pad
Prapor L2 — 3,000 Rub
Sight Kobra EKP-8-18 Jaeger L1 — 14,000 Rub


Recoil 66
Ergonomics 53
Total Price 63.800 Rub


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