Escape From Tarkov: The Best AS VAL Build for Every Case

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In this Escape From Tarkov weapons guide we show you the best build you can currently build for the AS VAL. Since there aren’t a lot of customization options, we’re only going to show you the best build regardless of the price!

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Underrated weapon? How to build the best AS VAL in Tarkov

Poor AS VAL: Many players still see the AS VAL as a useless piece of equipment. Sure, with so many Nerfes and Buffes who have seen these weapons, the good impression must have lost. But with a little modding, the shy child turns into a beast.

The standard values of the AS VAL

  • Weight: 2.57 kg
  • Range: 400 m
  • Rate of Fire: 900 SPM
  • Recoil: 150 vertical / 310 horizontal
  • Ergo: 46

The best AS VAL build in Escape From Tarkov (12.10)




Weapon Part Attachment Trader – Price
Grip AS VAL Pistol Grip Buffertube Mechanic L3 – IX Milch
Barrel Attachment TOZ 6P29M Jaeger L3 – 7,500 Rub
Fore Grip Fortis Shift Tactical Grip Peacekeeper L4 – $150
Butt Stock MOE Carbine Stock Peacekeeper L3 – $65
Stock Attachment Magpul Rubber Peacekeeper L3 – $45
Reload mech. Zenit RP-1 Skier L2 – 3,000 Rub
Sight Mount SVD Low Side Mount Mechanic L3 – 11,000 Rub
Sight Cobra Sight Prapor L2 – 10,000 Rub
Light / Laser X400 Light + Laser Peacekeeper L2 – $90


Recoil 66
Ergonomics 60
Overall Price 120.000 – 160.000 Rub

Interesting facts about AS VAL in Tarkov

This is where it shines: You can use our AS VAL Build to the full, especially over short and medium distances. Due to the structure and the ability to generate little noise, the optimal maps for the weapon are:

  • Interchange
  • Factory
  • Labs

Our AS VAL build is currently for Escape From Tarkov version 12.10. As soon as something changes in the values or the prices of the individual attachments or the weapon, we will of course update this article.

You notice: did we forget something or can you improve our build? Then let us know in a comment below this article or join our great community on Facebook.


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