Escape From Tarkov: The Best HK416 Build For Every Budget!

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In this guide to Escape From Tarkov we present you the best HK416 builds in terms of recoil and ergo! There is a cheap & an expensive variant.

Why Modding is important: In Escape From Tarkov you can, as you probably know, buy weapons, loot or receive them as a mission reward. These are mostly still in their standard version. Modding can make your weapon of choice even better. You can achieve less recoil or better ergonomics with new parts. This of course gives you a small advantage over all those who ignore modding. So lets start with the 2 best HK416 builds!


The best HK416 Build: 2 Variants for everyone

I’ll start with the HK416 build for the small wallet. First, I should perhaps mention that you should have reached Level 3 at the dealer Peacekeeper as well as Mechanic and Skier on level 2.

Not only do you need the build described above, but also to get good ammunition for the weapon. Before we can start, of course, you will need the weapon itself. This costs around 60,000 rubles on the Flea Market.

In the standard version, the HK 416 has the following values:

  • Weight: 2,58 Kg
  • Max. Distance: 500 m
  • Recoil: 94
  • Ergo: 75

1. Low Budget HK 416 Build


Weapon Part Attachment Dealer / Price
Barrel Attachment PWS CQB 5.56 Compensator Flea Market: 10.000 – 12.000 R
Barrel 16,5″ 416-Barrel Flea Market: 20.000 – 35.000 Rub
Grip Zenit RK-4 Skier L2: 6.500 R
Stock MFT Bus Stock Peacekeeper L3: 73 $
Scope Cobra Reflex Sight Prapor L2: 9.500 R
Light & Laser X400 Laser Peacekeeper L2: 84 $


Recoil 55
Ergonomics 56
Total Price 120.000 Rub

We come to the price of 120,000 because you can sell the standard barrel of the HK416 at the dealer Mechanic for around 17,000 rubles.

2. High Budget HK416 (Meta Build)


Weapon’s Part Attachment Dealer / Price
Barrel Attachment 1 Wave Suppressor Mechanic L3: 54.000 R
Barrel Attachment 2

Wave Muzzle Break 5,56

Mechanic L3: 9.900 R
Barrel 20″ 416-Barrel Mechanic L4: 40.000 R
Hand Guard HK MRS 14″ Keymod Hand Guard Mechanic L3: 14.800 R

GRAL-S Pistol Grip

Peacekeeper L4: 108 $

Hera Arms CQR

Mechanic L4: 170 €

HK E1 Stock

Peacekeeper L4: 100 $
Scope What you want                —
Light & Laser X400 Light & Laser Peacekeeper L2: 84 $
Other Raptor Charging Handle Mechanic L3: 9.000 R


Recoil 37
Ergonomics 74
Total Price 260.000 Rub


Not only owed to us: This Escape From Tarkov Guide was created with the help of the Youtuber J Dog Th3 Wise. If you want to know more about Escape From Tarkov or if you want to see more weapon mods in addition to the HK416 build, then take a look at his channel!



  1. When I build the high budget HK416 exactly like mentioned here, I got:
    ergonomics: 46
    vertical-recoil: 44

    so no where as good as this article says.

    but maybe BSG just changed a lot in the past 2-3 weeks.


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