Escape From Tarkov: The Best MK 47 Mutant Builds – Budget & Meta

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With the 12.11 update, the Mk 47 Mutant found its way into Escape From Tarkov and today we’re showing you two top builds, one for low budget and a meta build.

Modding is essential: the Mk 47 Mutant in its standard version is already one of the best weapons in Escape From Tarkov. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve it. Modding can improve any gun and that’s why we’re showing you a low budget build and a meta build for the Mk 47 Mutant.

The best Mk 47 Mutant Builds – A lot of power for little money

Fact check: The Mk 47 Mutant is an AR platform that you feed with the 7.62×39 caliber. In Tarkov this was previously reserved for very few AK variants and the SKS.

First, for this guide, as well as for the low-budget and meta-build of the mutant, it should be said: You must have activated the flea market. The weapon itself currently costs around 120,000 rubles there – so not a bargain.

Standard version of the CMMG Mk 47 “Mutant

  • Weight: 2.32 kg
  • Range: 500 m
  • Recoil: 164
  • Ergo: 47

1. Low budget Mk 47 Mutant


Weapons Part Attachment Trader/Price
Barrel Extension Fortis Red Muzzle Break Mechanic L4 — 20,000 Rub
Front Grip M-Lok Rail 4,1 Zoll +
Magpull RVG Front Grip
Mechanic L2 — 4,000 Rub +
Peacekeeper L3 — $69
Stock Magpull CTR Stock +
Butt Pad
Peacekeeper L3 — $65 + $47
Scope/Sight Cobra EKP-8-18 Peacekeeper L2 — 14,000 Rub
Light & Laser X400 Light & Laser Peacekeeper L2 — $90


Recoil 69
Ergonomics 48
Total Price 145,000 Rub

2. Mk 47 Mutant Meta Build


Weapons Part Attachment Händler / Preis
Barrel Extension Sig Taper Lok Muzzle Adapter Skier L3 — 4,800 Rub
Barrel Extension 2 Sig Two-Port Muzzle break Peacekeeper L3 — $58
Barrel Extension 3 SIG SRD “QD” Surpressor Peacekeeper L4 — $525
Barrel MK 47 409 MM Barrel Mechanic L4 — 28,000 Rub
Hand Guard Noveske SWS Split Mechanic L4 — 22,000 Rub
Grip Naroh Arms Gral-S Peacekeeper L4 — $136
Front Grip Zenit RK-1 Front Grip Skier L3 — 20,000 Rub
Internals & Gear SI Buffertube Mechanic L4 — 11,000 Rub
Stock Magpull CTR Stock +
Butt Pad
Peacekeeper L3 — $65 + $47
Scope/Sight Eotech 553 Peacekeeper L3 — $180
Light & Laser X400 Light & Laser Peacekeeper L2 — $90


Recoil 39
Ergonomics 47
Total Price 270,000 Rub

Not only owed to us: The basic data for this guide comes from YouTuber JDogTh3Wise, who makes many guides on Escape From Tarkov on YouTube. However, we have replaced some attachments because of price or performance.


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