Grounded: The Mossy Key and the Sunken Chest

Published: Nov. 30, 2022
Updated: Nov. 30, 2022

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With the help of the item "Mossy Key" you can get the BURG.L Chip Sunken Outpost in Grounded. You can find out how and where to find the key here.

Here's what it's about: Hidden in the depths of Koi Pond is a sunken treasure chest that you can only open with a very specific item, the Mossy Key. Our guide will show you what's inside the hidden chest, what this item is good for, and where you can find the Mossy Key for the chest.

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Here you can find the Mossy Key in Grounded

Before you set out to find the Mossy Key, you should make sure that you have certain equipment:

  • Bubble Helmet
  • Fin Flops
  • Spear
  • Slime Lantern

Once you have found or crafted all these items, you can start searching. Go to the Koi Pond and jump into the water at the place shown in the screenshot. As soon as you dive down, you will see air bubbles floating through the water to the surface. These bubbles are released by a pipe that you have to follow vertically downwards. At the end of the pipe, you will reach the sunken T-Rex.

Mit unserem Guide löst du das Rätsel um den Moosigen Schlüssel und die versunkene Truhe in Grounded im Handumdrehen.

Once you reach the underwater dinosaur, you just have to swim along the pillars to the northwest until you reach a cave lit by several lamps and some cables running through it. Swim to the back wall of the cave. On this wall, a secret passage is hidden behind a white pipe. Dive along the passage and you will get the Mossy Key at the end.

Attention: Inside the passage, some smaller enemies are waiting for you. It's best to leave them on your left and swim past them to the key. Even if you get a few hits, they shouldn't cause too much damage.

Another tip: If your oxygen isn't enough for the way there and back, you'll find a kind of sunken lab at the beginning of the cave of lights on the right side, where you can replenish your oxygen.

Grounded mossy sunken lab

Find and open the sunken chest

When you swim out of the cave again, taking the same path as at the beginning, you will automatically pass the sunken chest. It is located about halfway between the cave with the lights and the sunken T-Rex. The chest is easy to miss, as it has already sunk a good bit into the soft pond floor.

Use the Mossy Key to open the chest. Inside you will find the BURG.L chip of the sunken outpost. When you bring the chip to BURG.L, you can unlock the following enhancements and recipes from him:

  • Fin Flops Upgrade
  • Diving Lantern Upgrade
  • Splatburst Recipe

The two upgrades cost 2.000 Raw Science points each and the Gobble Bomb Recipe costs 3.000 points.

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