Hogwarts Legacy: How to Find the Treasure Map in Henrietta's Hideout

Published: Apr. 30, 2023
Updated: Dec. 21, 2023

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The southern map of Hogwarts Legacy offers advanced wizarding apprentices several treasures. Alex, our Hogwarts expert, explains where to find the "Musical Treasure Map" in Henrietta's Hideout.

This article reveals:

  1. Where Henrietta's Hideout in Hogwarts Legacy is located.
  2. What you need to do to get the "Musical Treasure Map."
  3. How to solve the puzzles in Henrietta's Hideout.

Find the Musical Treasure Map in Henrietta's Hideout

Hogwarts Legacy: How to find the treasure map in Henrietta's hideout

If you've already mastered a wide range of spells from the Hogwarts professors, you might be ready for the southern world map of Hogwarts Legacy. There, you'll find several treasures to hunt, including the treasure of the cursed tomb. However, this article focuses on the Musical Treasure Map in Henrietta's Hideout – and how to solve the associated puzzles.

Henrietta's Hideout is in the Cape of the Manor Region

To get hold of the Musical Treasure Map, head to the southern part of the world map, specifically to the Cape of the Manor region. There, continue further south (either on foot or better yet, flying) until you reach a dilapidated ruin located right next to a larger cliff formation.

Now, look for a hidden entrance beneath the cliffs, which leads directly into Henrietta's Hideout. The exact location of the hideout can be seen on the map provided below.

Hogwarts Legacy: Henrietta's hideout and treasure map
At the brightly yellow-marked spot, you'll find Henrietta's Hideout. (Hogwarts Legacy)

In the first room of the hideout, there are two platforms, one glowing red and the other blue, with a cube on the blue one. This indicates what the other platform needs: a cube. You can easily get it by casting Incendio on the fire bowl of the statue to your left. Then, pull the obtained cube onto the empty platform using the Accio spell.

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Now, you just need to activate the cubes. You need two different spells for this: Incendio for the red cube, and Glacio for the blue cube. You get Glacio after completing Madam Kogawa's challenge.

The map is Behind a Magical Wall

Once the gate in the room with the platforms opens, you'll first have to fend off some enemies. In the room with the dragon statue, if you go up the stairs at the back left, you'll soon come to a trap in the floor. However, you can disarm it using the Arresto Momentum spell. The next room brings more magical skirmishes.

After surviving this confrontation, keep an eye out to your right for a staircase. Near it is a magical wall that only disappears when you're almost touching it with your nose. Behind this barrier, you'll find the treasure map.

Hogwarts Legacy: Solving the Bell Puzzle at Clagmar Castle

The map leads you further south on the world map to Clagmar Castle. Look for a sort of bell tower there. What follows is a small music puzzle where you have to turn the instructions on the map into ringing bells; you do this with your standard attack spell. Hit the bells in the following order:

  • Right row, bottom
  • Left row, middle
  • Left row, second from top
  • Right row, second from top
  • Left row, middle
  • Left row, top
  • Right row, top
  • Right row, second from the top

Then, a treasure chest falls to your left, and the task is completed.


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