How to Find the Mystic Carrion's Ancient Lair & Basement in Baldur's Gate 3

Published: Aug. 27, 2023
Updated: Dec. 21, 2023

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In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to find the hideout of the Dreamer of the Abyss in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) and Thrumbo.

The Key Points from the Guide (TLDR):

  • The quest "Defeat the Dreamer of the Abyss" is received in Act 3 of Baldur's Gate 3.
  • To complete the quest, you must first rescue the Artist from the Philgrave Villa.
  • After you have found the servant Thrumbo, the quest branches into two possible directions:
    • Deliver Thrumbo to the Dreamer of the Abyss.
    • Defeat the Dreamer of the Abyss for Thrumbo.

BG3: Thrumbo Location - Where to find his Hideout

Start your search in the northeast of Lower City, at the following coordinates: X:60, Y-120. Enter the building and open the wardrobe, from which Thrumbo will drop out.

BG3: Lower City

You can find Thrumbo at this location in the lower town.

After speaking with him, you will hear what terrible things Mystic Carrion has done. If you choose to help Thrumbo, he will tell you about a secret basement that Mystic Carrion does not let anyone into because there is something important to him. Go searching for it.

BG3: Find Mystic Carrion's Secret Basement

The location you need is on the docks under Philgrave's Mansion. Coordinates of Mystic Carrion's Secret Basement: X:30, Y:-170.

BG3: Philgrave's Mansion

Marked here you will find Philgraves Villa, which leads to the cellar you are looking for.

  • Destroy the box in the corner of the building to open a passage.
  • Use the Gaseous Form to get into the hole.
  • When you are inside, go to the end of the room, where the book Mummy's Memories will be on the table.
  • Read it and find out that Mystic Carrion has another hidden lair in the sewers.

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BG3: Mystic Carrion's Ancient Lair Location

The secret lair is located next to the Undercity Ruins fast travel point. Look for the passageway at the following coordinates: X:-170, Y:935.

BG3: Undercity Ruins

Here you will find the heart of the Aasmystic.

  • Go forward until you find a stone wall on the right side.
  • Use any blunt attack to destroy it and enter.
  • Inside, there is a book on the table in the left corner of the room.
  • Read it to learn that the heart of Mystic Carrion is in the chest of the servant Thrumbo. Destroy the Jar of Mystic Carrion's Brain, which is among the bodies on the table in the Ancient Lair.
  • Then, return to the Lower City and destroy the Jar of Mystic Carrion's Heart and kill Mystic Carrion.

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