How to Unlock Class C Ships Fast in Starfield

Published: Sep. 11, 2023
Updated: Feb. 27, 2024

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To win space battles, having a strong ship is vital. For this reason, next, we will tell you how to unlock Class C ships in Starfield expediently.

Unlock Class C ships as quickly as possible (TLDR):

  • The fastest route to your own Class C ship is through the UC Vanguard flight simulator.
  • By practicing flying and fighting with it, you'll improve your piloting skills the fastest.
  • You need to reach the 4th rank of piloting ability to be able to fly Class C ships.
  • For more details, see the text below.

Starfield: Fast Way to Get a Class C Ship

Starfield: ship

To get a Class C starship, you need to level up your piloting skills through simulation or missions with enemies in open space. Below, we will provide instructions on how to reach level 4 and get a Class C ship.

Cheating Allowed

You can use this trick at the beginning of the game to ensure that you have the best ships for the rest of your journey. You'll need to use the simulator to level up your piloting skills, which will be available to you after you unlock The Lodge. Then follow the steps provided:

  1. Get to the city of New Atlantis, located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. Head to the Mast District area where the MAST building is placed.
  2. Climb the stairs and get inside. Go left to the reception desk and talk to Commander John Tuala to register with the UC Vanguard faction. This will provide you with access to the simulator.
  3. Enter the elevator and select the Vanguard Orientation Hall floor. Go through the security barriers and use any computer with a Recruit Registration label. Agree to all the conditions to join the faction.
  4. Then enter the elevator and select the Vanguard Pilot Simulator floor.
  5. When you get down the elevator, go to the right. Enter the simulator to begin the battle in space.

Now take the pilot's seat and start destroying targets to level up your piloting skill. To reach rank 4 you need to destroy 30 ships. It will take some time, but still, this method is the fastest of all possible.

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