Like a Dragon: Ishin! - How Long is The 2023 Remake?

Published: Mar. 24, 2023
Updated: Mar. 25, 2023

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Originally released in Japan in 2014, Like a Dragon: Ishin is now available with English dubbing for modern systems. We took a closer look at the total playing time of the "new" Yakuza spin-off and clarify any differences to the original PS3 version.

That's what Like a Dragon: Ishin has to offer in 2023: The fact that we can now experience the old Yakuza hero Kazuma Kiryu as a samurai in the western world has a lot to do with the success of the action adventure Ghost of Tsushima. Because what Jin Sakai can do, Kazum... Sakamoto Ryōma can do too, right? Well, at least a revamped remake of Ishin, set in Kyo, Japan, might be able to keep up with Sakai's deeds; but Sega apparently didn't want to go that far after all.

The recently released version of Like a Dragon: Ishin is indeed a modernized version. Anyway, apart from the slightly better visuals, the "remake" feels as wooden as the 2021 remaster of Yakuza 3. And otherwise? Are there perhaps any other innovations, or is the re-released Ishin longer in terms of playtime than the PS3 version? The answers to these questions are rather sobering.

Like a Dragon: Ishin Playtime - Same Old Story?

How long is the main story? What the DLC content for this fighting game kind of suggests (only a few resource packs and cosmetic items are available) should prove to be true in the end. According to the website HowLongToBeat, playing through Ishin's main story takes an average of 22 hours, which is unsurprisingly about the same as the PS3 original. However, those who also get involved in the supposedly most interesting side missions will play significantly longer with 42 to 55 hours.


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How many substories are there in Ishin? With 72 substories, Kiryu's feudal adventure is one of the longer games in the Yakuza universe. Some of them are completed relatively quickly, mind you, but the bottom line is that all of the subplots add about 35 hours to the total playtime, so story fetishists will be kept busy for up to 60 hours.

And in the slowest gear? HowLongToBeat has calculated a completionist playtime of between 97 and 147 hours for Like a Dragon: Ishin. So if you take your time looking around Kyo's districts, clear all the battle dungeons of enemies, and generally aren't in a hurry, you'll certainly get a lot for your money. Realistically, however, we estimate a gourmet playtime to be around 80 hours.

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