Sons of the Forest: How to Get Virginia as a Companion

Published: Mar. 24, 2023
Updated: May. 14, 2024

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In the survival sandbox game Sons of the Forest you can win over various NPC companions for your purposes, including half-mutant Virginia. Our guide tells you how to find and convince her of your worth.

These are NPC companions: NPC companions are a new feature in Sons of the Forest compared to its predecessor. They help you survive your everyday survival challenges. For example, Kelvin, the first companion, can help you gather resources. But there are other companions, all with different advantages.

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How to Find and Conquer Virginia in Sons of the Forest

How to find Virginia: If you've had enough of Kelvin and are looking for more companions, you don't have to look far. In fact, you don't have to look at all because the half-mutant with the three arms and legs will find you. Virginia will lie in wait for you and watch you. However, if you get too close, she will run away.

This is Virginia: At first glance, Virginia may appear to be a half-mutant with three arms and three legs. But the young blonde woman is the missing Virginia Puffton, who has disappeared on the island with her billionaire parents and whom you are supposed to find.

How to get Virginia as a companion: To win Virginia's trust, you must wait. She will keep coming closer and closer to you, but still, be careful. You should not attack or threaten her, so always put your weapons away when you are near her.

If she starts to trust you, she will come into your house without being asked, sit down somewhere and rest. She now feels safe with you. We have observed that she offers you an aloe vera flower as a gift before she joins you. In our case, the flower was lying on the floor of the house.

What You Can do With Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Unlike Kelvin, you cannot give Virginia orders directly. You cannot send her to find resources or order her to follow you. She follows you automatically anyway, at a certain distance.

What you can do, however, is to give her a ranged weapon like a shotgun so that she can support you in battle. What you can do with Virginia later in the game is still open. We can well imagine that you can uncover some of the secrets together with her.

More about Sons of the Forest

Virginia has died? Here's how you can revive her

If Virginia (and Kelvin) ever pass away with their three legs, you can revive your companions using the game files. To achieve this, simply open your save game file and look for the following points:

  • IsRobbyDead":true,
  • "IsVirginiaDead":true

If Virginia is dead, then in your file it will say "true", simply change it to "false" and save the file - Virginia will be alive again.

Have you already made friends with Virginia or found other companions? Write us about it in the comments!

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