Lost Ark: Azure Wind Island Guide – All Quests and Rewards

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East of the continent of Yorn in the ARPG MMO Lost Ark lies the Azure Wind Island. The quests are difficult to find, but the rewards are worth it. We tell you in our guide how to complete all quests on the island.

What is the Azure Wind Island? The island, which lies east of Yorn, is always accessible from an item level of 840. The quests there are difficult to find and bring you many Tier 2 upgrade materials.

Here you will find Azure Wind Island

It is best to start from the port of the continent of Yorn and sail to the northeast with your ship. The island cannot be missed as there are only 2 islands in the area.

  • Northeast of Yorns Cradle
  • North of the island of Gesbroy
  • Requires item level 840 to enter

The quests on the Azure Wind Island

Once you enter the island, you can accept the Dying Horse quest from the quest giver Sanar. Complete the quest chain consisting of 4 quest lines, and you can find and accept the hidden quests.

  • “Dying Horse” from Sanar
  • “The Mane of the Azure Wind” from High Priest Steppekeeper
  • “Once filled with Flowers” from Manarim
  • “The Meadow Fairy” from Arone

The first 4 quests bring you plenty of rewards:

  • 12 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests
  • 8 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests
  • 3840 Silver
  • Mount: Cloud Steed
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Here you will find the hidden quests

Once the first 4 quests have been completed, nothing new will be displayed to you. But you’re still a long way from completing the island. The remaining tasks, 35 in number, are hidden. You must keep your eyes peeled for toy horses on the island. They give you different tasks:

  • 15 sprint tasks: run as fast as possible to the goal.
  • 7 puzzle tasks: Solve a puzzle.
  • 6 riddle tasks: Solve the riddle.
  • 7 Music/Emotes: Play the appropriate music or emote.

On our map, we have marked all positions of the 31 toy horses with the respective tasks in color. 4 more points, each with a white border, represent the end of the quest series. You accept the last puzzle task in the approximate center of the island and solve it in the western corner, marked with a cross.

If you’re having trouble finding the toy horses, turn up your sound. The horses make a bell sound that gets louder the closer you get to them.

You need the following songs and emotes:

  • Song: Heart’s Melody
  • Song: Song of Valor
  • Song: Heavenly Harmony
  • Song: Serenade of Love
  • Emote: Laugh + Giigle
  • Emote: Sway
  • Emote: Greet

If you have done everything, the following rewards are yours:

  • 127 Splendid Guardian Stone Chests
  • 90 Splendid Destruction Stone Chests
  • 44.800 Silver
  • 1 Courage Potion (+10)
  • 1 Kindness Potion (+10)
  • 1 Wisdom Potion (+10)
  • 1 Charisma Potion (+10)

Side quest and Azure Wind Island Token

This is the side quest: Once you’ve done a few of the hidden quests, the NPC Arone will offer you the “Returning the Flowers” side quest. Basically, Arone wants to thank you for your effort and will give you two crates with Leapstones, 2400 silver, and another horse mount.

How to get the Island Token: In order to get the Island Token you have to do all the quests on the island. In this case, Arone will also offer you a quest that will reward you with the token.


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