Lost Ark: What is the Tower of Destiny & Shadow Spire? PvE Activity Explained

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The endgame of Lost Ark offers a lot of endgame content that should satisfy both casual and hardcore players. One of them is the tower in Lost Ark. This offers you a series of challenges on different levels, all of which hold rewards for your characters.

What does the tower offer? The tower is a Pv E activity and holds a lot of rewards for successful completion. It is divided into different floors, each of which grants you a unique reward. However, this only applies to the first completion. After each subsequent time, you’ll get materials to upgrade equipment for your side characters. Besides, there are two different variants:

  • Tower of Destiny
  • The Shadow Spire

What does the Lost Ark tower do and is it worth it in the endgame?

What is the Tower? The Tower is another dungeon-like activity that you can take to get needed rewards. The biggest difference from the other activities like the Cube Dungeons or Boss Rushes is that you have to conquer the Tower alone. So this content is purely a solo adventure.

There are two different variants of towers that you can climb. The Shadow Spire and Tower of Destiny. Both towers have from floor 1 to floor 50, and from floor to floor you’ll encounter increasingly stronger enemies and face special challenges. Each floor has an individual timer to beat, which rewards you upon completion.

Where are the location and access? The tower has very few prerequisites. Once you reach level 50 with your character, you only need an item level of 302 to enter Shadow Spire. For the Tower of Destiny, you must follow the campaign until you complete the quest “The Final Report” in Yorn and have an item level of 802. Otherwise, there are no other access restrictions for either tower.

You can enter the tower in any major city in Lost Ark. You can find the tower on your map. Look for a tower icon. Once you are in front of it, click on it to open the interface. On the left you can choose between the two available towers, and on the right you can choose on which floor you want to start.

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What are the rewards? The tower holds a lot of rewards for completion. Each floor grants you its own reward, and you can find them through the interface. The rewards range from map packs, engraving recipes to additional status points for your character.

The character you complete the towers with for the first time will receive special rewards that are account bound. With your other characters, you’ll then mostly receive materials to upgrade equipment.



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