Lost Ark Berserker Guide: Best PvP and PvE Build – Engravings & Skills

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The MMORPG Lost Ark offers countless classes and specializations. One of these is the warrior with its three specializations. In our class guide, we show you everything you need to know about the Berserker.

  • Field of application and role of the class
  • perfect skill set
  • the best PvE build
  • the best PvP build
  • the best engravings for the Sorceress
  • Awakening Skills

Class Overview, Role & Identity of the Berserker in Lost Ark

This is the Berserker: The Berserker is a specialization of the Warrior class. He is a melee fighter with a heavy focus on burst and splash damage. Due to relatively high cooldown times, the berserker does not have a high, continuous output, but can cause extreme damage in its burst phase. Of the three warriors, however, the berserker is the least able to take it.

This is how you play the class: With its high AoE damage and burst as well as its high mobility, the Berserker shines especially in PvE. High mobility allows you to stay at a distance during your long cooldowns and herd enemies together until your rotation is available again. So remember:

  • keep moving
  • Watch your TP
  • Make sure to use your skills to catch as many enemies as possible

What can the identity of the class? Your attacks fill up the rage meter at the bottom of the screen. When it’s full, you can switch to berserk mode by pressing the Y button. This increases your attack and movement speed as well as your damage and crit damage. Also, in berserk mode, you can activate the Blood Rage ability to deal massive damage in a large area. You can also do well against tough bosses and large groups of monsters.

The most important attributes of the Berserker: With every class in Lost Ark you should pay attention to various attributes on the armor in the endgame. With the Berserker these are:

  • Specialization: Increases Berserker Mode duration. However, obsolete on a Devastation build.
  • Critical Hit chance: Further increases the Berserker’s damage.

Pros and Cons of the Berserker in Lost Ark

  • High burst and AoE damage
  • High mobility
  • Very long cooldowns
  • Withstands less than the other warrior classes

Proper Skills for PvE & PvP build for the Berserker

In Lost Ark, the first 50 levels hardly determine your later final build. In general, you can reset your skills at any time for free and redistribute the skill points. You can mix and match your skills the way you like. Until you’ve got all the points, feel free to experiment with your build as you please.

However, there is a clear tendency that most players resort to and which we also recommend. In order to really get started in PvE content, you should focus on the following skills and tripods, i.e. the skill extensions, when it comes to skill progression:

Best PvE-Build for the Berserker

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
AbschlusshiebTenacityWeak Point DetectionLights Out
Shoulder ChargeExcellent Mobility
Tempest SlashFocusWeak Point DetectionDriving Hit
Hell BladeLeapMeltEarth Flip
Chain SwordExcellent MobilitySwift Attack PrepQuick Prep
Wind BladeQuick PrepFocusWindswift
Strike WaveQuick PrepLimit BreakEarth Flip
Red DustQuick PrepVital Point HitRed Wave

The Berserker’s PvP build is slightly different to still ensure high damage while increasing mobility. To get the most out of the Berserker in Lost Ark PvP, you should use these skills along with tripods:

Best PvP-Build for the Berserker

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Diving SlashExcellent MobilitySwordswipe Draft
Finish StrikeTenacityWeak Point DetectionLights Out
Mountain CrashEnhanceNumbling EffectEarthquake Shock
Shoulder ChargeExcellent MobilityDown Strike
Sword StormNimble MovementTenacityEarthquake Wave
Wind BladeAccelerationEnhanced StrikeSquall
MaelstromNimble MovementEnhanced StrikeFlame Spin
Red DustNimble MovementVital Point Hit

The best engravings for the Berserker in Lost Ark

What are engravings? Once your character has reached level 50, you can use the important bonuses and buffs. Engravings provide you with bonuses and buffs to skills or character stats. It is significant to note that not every class can have every engraving. There are normal engraves that you can apply to both your current character and your secondary characters. Then of course only when they have reached level 50. We also have a guide that goes into detail about the engravings.

Each class in Lost Ark has two class-specific engravings in addition to the traditional engravings. With the Berserker these are:

  • Berserker’s Technique: This engraving increases your crit chance significantly. Also, your crit damage increases by up to 50% at level three.
  • Devastation: This engraving ensures that your rage meter is permanently at 100%. You can switch to berserk mode at will and without a cooldown. While in berserk mode, you only have 25% of your life left, but the damage you take is reduced by 65%. You also deal 18% more damage and are 15% faster.

Less experienced players should play Berserker Technique for now. The concept of Devastation may seem enticing, but staying at 25% HP all the time can be dangerous if you’re new to endgame combat.

For now, it’s better to settle for the general Berserker Technique bonuses and eventually switch to Devastation once you’ve got a feel for endgame combat.

The best normal engravings for the berserker

  • Cursed Doll: Increases your damage but reduces your healing (excluding natural regeneration).
  • Resentment: Increases your damage against bosses and high-level monsters. However, it also increases your damage taken.
  • Daring Blunt Weapon: Your crit damage increases by 10-50%, but there is a 20% chance that your attacks will deal less damage.

Also, a tip if you chose Devastation as your class engraving: Champion’s Tenacity gives you an additional 16% more damage when your health is below 50%.

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These are Berserker awakening abilities in Lost Ark

Just like Engravings, you will only unlock the Awakening ability once your Berserker reaches level 50 and completes the appropriate quest line. There are two variants here, both of which you can unlock. However, you can only equip one awakening skill and not both at the same time, meaning you can switch between skills at any time.

  • Chain of Vengeance: You pull enemies around you towards you, then deal Massive AoE damage in an explosion. You also generate a lot of Rage, so this awakening ability comes in handy when playing the Berserker’s Technique engraving.
  • Berserker Rage: You can charge this ability for increased damage and range. As soon as you let go, you deal damage in a straight line in front of you. Berserker Wrath does more damage than Chain of Vengeance but generates less Rage, making this awakening ability particularly good for Devastation builds.

Once again you are spoiled for choice, both skills are very strong and look impressive. However, Berserk Rage seems to be a better choice for PvP, while Chain of Vengeance works better in PvE.


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