Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: Best PvP and PvE Build – Engravings & Skills

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The MMORPG Lost Ark offers countless classes and specializations. One of these is the mage with its sorceress and bard specializations. In our class guide, we show you everything you need to know about the sorceress.

  • Field of application and role of the class
  • perfect skill set
  • the best PvE build
  • the best PvP build
  • the best engravings for the Sorceress
  • Awakening Skills

Class Overview, Role & Identity of the Sorceress in Lost Ark

This is the Sorceress: The Sorceress is a ranged class that places a strong focus on area abilities. In terms of pure damage, the sorceress may not be the strongest, but her total damage in groups is particularly high due to the area attacks. You can also use the Sorceress to slow enemies, electrify them, and immobilize them for a short time.

How to play the class: In order to play the Sorceress properly, you should play her AoE skills well. The sorceress can dish out good damage and, above all, wipe out groups quickly, but she can’t take that much. So remember:

  • Keep moving.
  • Attack opponents from afar.
  • Pull together many opponents and destroy them with your AoE skills.
  • Make sure to disappear from enemy attacks with your teleport.

What does the class identity do? The Sorceress has 2 Identity Skills that you can use once your Mysterious Magic Meter fills up. This is done by defeating opponents. You can then use one of two abilities:

  • Arcane Rupture: Pressing the Z button triggers a powerful buff that halves your cast time, increases your damage by 10%, and reduces your cooldowns.
  • Blink: A teleport spell on the X button that you can already use at 30% fill rate of your Mysterious Magic Meter. You can use it to teleport up to 15 m in the direction of the mouse.

The most important attributes of the sorceress: With every class in Lost Ark you should pay attention to various attributes on the armor in the endgame. At the sorceress are the following:

  • Swiftness: More agility means less cooldown on skills, which in turn means more DPS.
  • Critical Hit: Further increases the Sorceress’ damage.

Pros and Cons of the Sorceress in Lost Ark

  • High mobility
  • High damage, especially with monster groups
  • Good crowd control
  • Partly long cast time
  • Opponents can easily dodge spells
  • Doesn’t hold up very much

Proper Skills for PvE & PvP build for the Sorceress

In Lost Ark, the first 50 levels hardly determine your later final build. In general, you can reset your skills at any time for free and redistribute the skill points. You can mix and match your skills however you like. Until you have all the points, you can experiment with your build until the bard comes.

However, there is a clear tendency that most players resort to and which we also recommend. In order to really get started in PvE content, you should focus on the following skills and tripods, i.e. the skill extensions, when it comes to skill progression:

Best PvE build for the Sorceress

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
BlazeDamage AmplificationFlame ExpansionWeak Point Detection
DoomsdayInsightOverheated MeteorMagick Amplification
Esoteric ReactionQuick PreparationEnhanced StrikeShockwave
Rime ArrowEnlightenmentPiercing StrikeIce Pick
Seraphic HailEnlightenmentEvolved HailWeak Point Detection
Reverse GravityQuick Prep
SquallQuick Prep

The PvP build of Sorceress Skills looks a little different. Some skills remain completely the same, others fly out. To get the most out of the sorceress in Lost Ark PvP, you should use these skills along with tripods:

Best PvP Build for the Sorceress

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Esoteric ReactionQuick PrepEnhanced StrikeStabilized Crystal
Frost's CallChillUnstable RuleFinal Strike
InfernoRift AccelerationFlame AreaFirepower Supplement
Seraphic HailQuick PrepAdditional ExplosionRed Hail
SquallAgile CastLightning WhirlwindWiping Wind
Rime ArrowChill
Ice ShowerChill

The best engravings for the Sorceress in Lost Ark

What are engravings? Once your character has reached level 50, you unlock engravings. Engravings give you bonuses and buffs to skills or character stats. It is significant to mention that not every class can wear every engraving. There are normal engravings that you can apply to your current character, as well as to your secondary characters. Then, of course, only when they have reached level 50 as well. We also have a detailed guide about engravings, where we dive headfirst into all important information.

Each class in Lost Ark also has two class-specific engraving in addition to the regular engraving. For the Sorceress, these are:

  • Igniter: Soups up the Sorceress’s abilities whenever the Arcane Rupture skill is active, lowering normal skill cooldown duration by -50 %, while raising Crit rate by up to 25 % and Crit damage by up to 50 %.
  • Reflux: Disables your use of Arcane Rupture altogether. However, the benefits are not inconsequential, as sacrificing this aspect of the Sorceress’s power adds up to 16 % extra damage onto all of your non-awakening skills and reduces cooldown times by -10 % on all non-movement skills.

You really can’t go wrong when choosing your class-specific engraving. It all depends on what you prefer here. However, it should be said that reflux is less complex and therefore easier to use. Ignite has the benefit of teasing a bit more power out of the Sorceress in both PvE and PvP.

You should take these other engravings with you: As mentioned above, you can also take other engravings with you in addition to your class engraving. The normal engravings either improve your damage or give a buff to your equipment. You can take a total of 4 engravings with you. The number of engraving points to invest is dictated by your gear. You can get a maximum of 35 engraving points, which should be enough for three normal engravings and your class-specific engraving.

Although a bit more complex, you should pick Igniter as your engraving. Disabling identity skills on Reflux isn’t very smart. However, if you don’t use your Identity skill much anyway, Reflux is a decent choice.

The best normal engravings for Sorceress

  • Grudge: Increases your damage against bosses and high-level monsters. However, it also increases the damage taken.
  • Master of Strikes: Increases your damage that does not result from ambushes or frontal attacks.
  • Cursed Doll: Increases your damage but reduces your healing (excluding natural regeneration).
  • Spirit Absorption: Increases attack and movement speed.
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These are the Sorceress awakening skills in Lost Ark

Just like Engravings, you will only unlock the Awakening ability once your Sorceress reaches level 50 and completes the appropriate questline. There are two variants here, both of which you can unlock. However, you can only equip one awakening ability and not both at the same time, which means you can switch between skills at any time.

  • Apocalypse Call: Summons a shower of deadly meteors that fall in a random pattern in an 18-meter radius for 8 seconds. Meteors deal fire damage and knockdown enemies in a 6 m AoE area after impact. Challenging or lower enemies take 200% damage.
  • Enviska’s Might: The Sorceress forms a dome of magical power around herself, dealing lightning damage to enemies within range. The dome’s energy then begins radiating outward while pulling enemies inward, dealing more damage in the process. At the end of the skill’s duration, the dome explodes, causing a final burst of damage.

Once again, you are spoiled for choice, both skills are very strong and look impressive. However, Enviska’s Might seems to be a better choice for PvP, while Apocalypse Call works better in PvE.


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