Medieval Dynasty: How you can Make Money Fast

Published: Oct. 12, 2022
Updated: Oct. 13, 2022

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Money plays a significant role in Medieval Dynasty, and we'll show you how to earn many coins both as a beginner and a veteran.

What it’s about: In the middle-aged world of Medieval Dynasty, you'll need coins and money for many things. Be it to travel fast or to buy a new scheme for buildings. This guide will show you how to earn money from the beginning and which ways will bring you the most money later in the game.

How to Make Money as a Beginner in Medieval Dynasty

So you've just landed in the great valley of Medieval Dynasty, and you want to earn your first money. We'll tell you the first steps to becoming financially independent and collecting your first coins.

Hunting and Gathering will quickly bring you the First Money

In the beginning, you start by building your own house. However, you won't have any workers or buildings with which you can produce better items. But that's not a bad thing. You already have a scheme for all important tools.

Stone Knife: You can easily make a first knife by hand. You don't need a workbench or a special scheme.

Make a knife from the following materials:

  • 5x Stick
  • 2x Stone

You can find the materials everywhere on the ground. Not only that, but you can sell these stone knives for 20 coins each. In addition, you can also make some wooden spears and go hunting with them. When you kill rabbits, foxes, or wild boars, you need one of the stone knives to skin the animal. From wild animals, you can get feathers, fur, and leather. These items can also be quickly sold and bring you so many coins per piece:

  • Feather: 1,5 Coins
  • Fur: 3 Coins
  • Leather: 4 Coins

To make hunting easier, you can also build and set up a rabbit trap for 10 sticks. When you have hunted enough animals, you unlock the hunting lodge. You should build it as soon as possible.  Once you have the hunting lodge, recruit a new resident in one of the surrounding villages.

Put some stone knives in the hunting lodge and determine his work intensity. The hunter will then automatically collect resources for you.

ItemSelling Price in CoinsCollect per DayProfit per Day

In this table, you can see how much you can earn per day if you let the hunter with level 3 in hunting work 100% on one of the raw materials.

It is also worth making a simple bag from 3 pieces of leather. You can make it by hand without a scheme and sell it for 25 coins per piece.

Exploration pays off

If you don't feel like being in your village all the time, you can also explore the game world. In some places, you'll randomly find small wagons along the way or abandoned tent camps in the forest. There are often valuable weapons, tools, or clothing lying around. Collect them and take them to the nearest merchant.

You can then sell the valuables you find at a merchant. With some luck, you can find fine clothing or poisons, some of which are worth several hundred coins.

Here are some examples of found items and what they earn you in money.

Complete Missions for the Villagers

Another way to earn money quickly is to complete tasks. Throughout the world of Medieval Dynasty you can find small villages and settlements. The inhabitants have different tasks for you. Sometimes these bring you money directly. From time to time, however, you only get items. These are often worth a few coins. For example, in the first village, you have the task of delivering ale to Uniegost. For this, you get some bottles of ale yourself. Of course, you can keep the ale or sell it for some money.

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Earn Money by Crafting and Selling Items

Of course, you can also produce items from raw materials. However, for that, you need some buildings from the production section. Therefore, the following opportunities to quickly earn coins are more suitable for players who already own and have unlocked a few of the buildings.

Make these Items at the Sewing Hut

In the sewing hut, you can earn quite a lot of money with little effort. First, we have considered the sewing hut at level 1 and its schemes. We have compiled a list of items that we think are the most profitable and explain the table in more detail first:

  • Material Cost: Calculate the number of items you need and their retail value. For example, selling one linen fabric would earn you 30 coins, and selling 30 straws would earn you three coins. Therefore, the material cost for the Flat Straw Hat is 33 coins.
  • Selling Price: Indicates the minimum amount a unit of the item will bring in if the condition is 100 percent. You can increase the price, but also by skills.
  • Profit: If you subtract the material costs from the selling price, you have the profit for the item.
  • ROI: Stands for Return of Investment and indicates the ratio of input to profit. What percentage of the material costs do you get back when you sell? With the simple bag, you get more than double the money you invested in material costs.
Sewing HutMaterialsCost of Materials in CoinsSelling Price in CoinsProfit in CoinsROI
Simple Bag3x Leather (4 Coins)12 2513108,3%
Flat Straw Hat30x Straw (3 Coins)
1x Linen Fabric (30 Münzen)
Strawhat20x Straw (2 Coins)
1x Linen Fabric (30 Coins)
Small Bag1x Stick
8x Leather (32 Coins)

As you can see, the production of the simple bag is especially worthwhile in the beginning. You don't make as much profit, but you have low expenses. Next comes the flat straw hat, which will bring you a lot of coins when you sell it.

Iron Knives bring you a lot of Coins

Of course, you can also make tools at the smithy and sell them. Iron knives are the most profitable. These, for example, are not as heavy as an iron hammer. That means you can carry many of them and bring them to the merchant.

Weight is an important issue. 16 kilos of iron hammers (8 pieces), for example, will bring you 272 coins. 16 kilos of simple bags (106 pieces), on the other hand, will bring you 1484 coins. So depending on how far you walk to the nearest merchant, selling light things is more profitable.

How to Make Money with Animals

The last big way to earn money is to keep animals. Later in the game, you can build stables and buy animals. If you have at least one male and one female animal, they can reproduce with a certain probability in the next season. Thus, you multiply your animals and can quickly sell them for profit via the management menu.

Feathers: A feather only brings in 1.5 coins. However, by building a hen house and buying a hen and a rooster, you can make these animals multiply and collect eggs and many feathers. You can then sell them in large quantities to one of the merchants.

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