Palworld: How to Get Wheat Seeds to Farm Wheat

Published: Jan. 24, 2024
Updated: Jan. 26, 2024

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To upgrade your base in Palworld further, you'll need a wheat plantation later on, and many players struggle with this. We'll show you how to obtain wheat seeds to grow wheat in Palworld.

Here's what you'll learn in our guide:

  • To farm wheat, you need wheat seeds.
  • You can get wheat seeds from grass pals like Flopie and Bristla.
  • To grow wheat, you'll need to build a wheat plantation with 3 wheat seeds, 35 wood, and 35 stones.
  • You can then use wheat to make flour, and from that, you can create items like bread or cake.

Getting Wheat Seeds in Palworld

To build your wheat plantation at Level 15, you'll first need wheat seeds. These seeds are dropped by specific Gras Pals, such as Flopie or Bristla. You can find both of them in the center of the map, and you can either capture them or defeat them to obtain the seeds.

Alternatively, you can visit a traveling merchant to purchase wheat seeds for a few gold coins.

How to Build a Wheat Plantation and Farm Wheat in Palworld

Once you have the wheat seeds, you can build the wheat plantation. To do this, you need to unlock the blueprint at Level 15 in your technology tree. Then, you can construct a field using 3 wheat seeds, 35 wood, and 35 stones.

Palworld What Plantation

You learn how to create the wheat plantation at Level 15 in the technology tree.

Once your wheat plantation is built, you'll need Pals that can tend to it. Look for Pals with skills in planting, watering, and gathering. Most Gras and Water Pals are suitable for this task. You can find a list of all Pals and their abilities here.

Palworld watering Wheat Plantage

Now, you and your Pals just need to plant, water, and harvest the wheat field.

What can you do With the Wheat Now?

Aside from needing to build a wheat plantation for one of your base missions, you also need wheat for other purposes. Once you've harvested the wheat, you'll only need it to produce flour. To successfully produce flour, you'll need the mill, which you can unlock at Level 15 in the technology tree. You can set up the mill in your base using 50 wood and 40 stones, which is also part of your base mission.

At the mill, you can now turn 3 wheat into one unit of flour. All you need is a Water Pal with the watering ability to power the mill.

Palworld Mill Flour

At the mill, you produce flour.

You'll then need the flour to make various dishes like bread, pancakes, or jam toast. Even the cake for Pal breeding requires flour.

Now you know how to build your own wheat plantation to harvest wheat. If you've also built a mill, you can level up your base, if you haven't already done so.

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