How to solve the Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle and get the Iron Insignia Key

Published: May. 08, 2021
Updated: May. 08, 2021

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Resident Evil Village is filled with exciting puzzles that are not always that easy to solve. In Dimitrescu Castle there is a piano with an included reward. We'll tell you how to get it and how to solve the piano puzzle.

Here you will find the piano: In Dimitrescu Castle on the first floor, you will come to the "Opera Hall" during the game. To get there from the Main Hall, you go outside through the Dining Room and just keep to the left.

There is a piano in the Opera Hall with a locked key. To get the key, you have to play a certain sequence of notes on the piano.

Resi8 Piano Location

How to play the right music: The piano only has 10 notes that you have to press in the correct order. At first, that sounds more difficult than it is. If you press a wrong note, your progress will not reset. So basically you can hammer all the keys until the puzzle is complete.

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But the colleagues from PCGamer were so friendly and numbered the correct keys:

Resi8 Piano Puzzle notesThis is your reward: Once you have solved the puzzle, the piano continues to play the song for a few moments and then releases your reward. You will receive the "Iron Insignia Key", which is particularly valuable for the rest of the game. This key can be used to open gates and doors that are locked with an iron seal. From now on you can open them and find valuable items and treasures.

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