Sons of the Forest: Find Aloe Vera and Make Healing Potions

Published: Mar. 15, 2023
Updated: Mar. 15, 2023

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In Sons of the Forest you can find numerous useful tools, weapons, or plants all over the deserted island, including aloe vera, which you can use to make healing potions.

Even though there is a lot to find in Sons of the Forest, there is one thing you'll look for in vain: friends (apart from the slightly limited Kelvin, perhaps). On the other hand, there is no lack of enemies in the form of mutants and cannibals. Wherever you go, you'll be attacked by the bloodthirsty beasts. Therefore, having some healing potions with you is an absolute must always.

You can make these potions yourself, but you need the right ingredients. The most important ingredient is the aloe vera plant. We will show you where to find this valuable herb and how to make healing potions in Sons of the Forest in our guide.

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Here you can find Aloe Vera in Sons of the Forest

You can find the Aloe Vera plant in numerous places throughout the island. However, it is easy to miss among all the other plants in the forest because of its color and growth. We have marked a few places on the map to find Aloe Vera.

Sons of the Forest Aloe Vera locations

You can also use the console to stock up on Aloe Vera plants. To do this, you need to type the item ID 451 into the console, and you will have the plant in your inventory. For this to work, you need to activate the console first.


The aloe vera plant is easy to miss in the wild.

How to make Healing Potions in Sons of the Forest

If you have collected enough Aloe Vera plants, you can use them to make healing potions. You should always have a few of these in your bag, especially when you set out to explore caves or explore the island. Nothing is more annoying than being attacked far away from your base and not having any healing options. You can make two different healing potions using the Aloe Vera plants:

  • Health Mix: Requires 1x Aloe Vera and 1x Yarrow.
  • Health Mix +: Requires 1x Aloe Vera, 1x Willowherb, and 1x Horsetail.

Of course, you can also get the two healing potions into your inventory via the corresponding console command. For the Health Mix you need the item ID 455, the ID of the Health Mix + is 456.

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