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Published: Jan. 25, 2023
Updated: Jan. 25, 2023

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It won't be long before Sons of the Forest is finally released. After several release postponements, the sequel to The Forest will now be released on February 23. Therefore, it's time to recall the story and backstory of The Forest. We have summarized all the content for you in a compact form.

Sons of the Forest makes several references to its predecessor, The Forest, in its storyline. But don't worry: If you haven't played The Forest (after all, the game is now almost nine years old), that's no problem! We have structured the entire background story of the survival classic for you and summarized it in a compact article.

The Island

The entire plot of The Forest takes place on Peninsula, which is teeming with mutants and cannibals. The island is not a fictional world, but an island located somewhere in the northern hemisphere.
Peninsula was inhabited by the "Old Ones" about 1,000 years ago. Throughout your adventures, you'll come across structures from this ancient society, such as the sacrificial doors or the numerous obsidian structures. These ancients probably could bring people back to life through an ancient magical power. For this purpose they created the three obelisks:

  • Power Obelisk
  • Death Obelisk
  • Resurrection Obelisk

Cannibals and Mutants

Of course, the experiments of the ancients eventually went awry. These failures in using their magic then inadvertently created the cannibals and mutants that have since made the island an uninhabitable place. They were also the reason for the demise of the ancients.

But not only the ancients were attacked and driven away by the monsters of the island. In the 19th or 20th century, priests and missionaries repeatedly visited the Peninsula. In the game, you will find abandoned belongings of these clergymen everywhere. Whether it's abandoned tent camps, wooden walls with crosses, Bibles lying around, or other things left behind, the Christian visitors' traces can be found in the deepest caves of the island as well as on the coasts and in the forests of the Peninsula. Those who did not fall at the hands of cannibals and mutants perished at the hands of the death obelisk.

Sahara Therapeutics

A little less than a century after these incidents, the island was purchased by a company called Sahara Therapeutics. This company built a huge underground laboratory to advance their Jarius project. This was less about curing terminally ill children again. Dr. Matthew Cross, the leader of the project, had a terminally ill daughter named Meghan. He began a series of experiments and used the resurrection obelisk to bring a dead child back to life. To do this, however, he had to sacrifice another, living child. This was the beginning of the eternal cycle and the constant exchange of death for life.

The children brought back to life were put under observation, because they began to develop mutations. These ranged from completely bizarre contortions and outgrowths to monstrous growth. And here, too, fate took its course. An Armsy mutant broke out, killed Meghan, and then, with the other mutants, caused the demise of Sahara Therapeutics and the destruction of the research facility.

The Forest observation

The plane crash

Dr. Cross escaped the carnage in the research lab and fled to the observatory. There he used the power of the Power Obelisk to trigger an electromagnetic pulse. This pulse crashed the plane in which Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy were sitting. In the opening sequence of The Forest, we then see Dr. Cross enter the plane wreckage as a red man and kidnap Timmy in order to bring his daughter Meghan back to life through him.

The plot of The Forest

This is where the game begins. Eric, played by you, wakes up in the crashed plane and must now somehow manage to survive on Peninsula and find Timmy again. To do that, you'll have to fight off the numerous cannibals and mutants, find food and drink, hunt, make equipment and shelter, and of course, explore the island. If you have the necessary items to open the entrance to the laboratory, you can find the dead Timmy there. So, Dr. Cross revived his daughter Meghan at the cost of Timmy's life. However, Meghan mutated terribly due to the resurrection.

The Forest start

The fight against her is the final boss fight of The Forest. After defeating Meghan, she can no longer be used to revive Timmy, since she is dead. But in one sequence, Meghan drops a golden key card, which Eric can use to enter the observatory and, with the help of the power obelisk, can now crash a plane as well. He also kidnaps a living child and brings Timmy back to life. Eventually, both are rescued from the island and return home. Back in civilization, Timmy regularly struggles with seizures that have caused him to mutate when left unchecked.

The Forest Meghan Fight

Sons of the Forest

In the last sequence of The Forest, we see Timmy looking at the map of an island. This could be another Sahara Therapeutics research station on another island where the sequel Sons of the Forest is set. All we know for sure is that in the new game, as a member of a military combat unit, we crash on an island and search for a missing billionaire. Not least the title Sons of the Forest suggests that this time we will slip into the skin of Timmy himself.

More about The Forest

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