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Published: Sep. 08, 2023
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In the bustling, crime-ridden city of Neon in Starfield, knowing where to spend your credits is key. This guide highlights the essential spots.

Locations of the doctor and stores in Neon (TLDR):

  • Recognizable by its bright signage and distinct RM logo, "Reliant Medical" stands at the city's heart (Neon: Core), ready to offer medical assistance.
  • Neon is home to numerous other shops offering a wide array of goods, located in the city's core, Underbelly, and Ebbside district.
  • Details on their locations are provided further in the guide.

Starfield: Neon City Doctor and Medical Supplies

Neon City is a place of crime and smuggling, so in many cases, you will need medical care. Fortunately, there is a place where you can not only restore your health, but also stock up on the necessary first aid kits for traveling around the city and space.

Looking for something else? This article also details the exact locations of key services and top merchants, plus directions to significant places.

Starfield: Reliant Medical

The place in question is "Reliant Medical". It's located in the heart of the city, and like all other stores, it has a neon sign that is hard to miss. To get there, follow the main alley until you see a round sign with the letters RM. As you get closer, you will be able to see the Reliant Medic building, and then enter it to use the services. By visiting this place you can find a wide range of medicines and talk to a doctor to get medical help.

Starfield: Neon City Shops

In addition to medical assistance, you can find many other stores that offer a wide range of goods. Below, we will tell you more about each of them so that you know where to go for the items you need:

Shop Goods Location
Xenofresh Seafood Aid, Food Underbelly
Chunks Aid, Food Ebbside
Chunks Express Aid, Food Underbelly
Quikshop Aid, Food Underbelly
Frankie's Grab and Go Aid, Food, Drinks Ebbside
Offworld Eats Aid, Food, Drinks Underbelly
Legrande's Liquors Aid, Blend, Drinks Neon Core
Madame Sauvage’s Place Aid, Drinks Ebbside
TerraBrew Coffee Aid, Drinks Neon Core
Tranquilitea Aid, Drinks, Miscellaneous Items Neon Core
Arboron Weapons, Ammo Neon Core
Mining League Mining Supplies, Resources Neon Core
Newill's Goods Gear, Miscellaneous Items Neon Core
Ryujin Neuroamps, Apparel Neon Core
The Emporium Miscellaneous Items Neon Core
Sieghart's Outfitters Armor, Weapons, Resources, Gear, Misc Items Neon Core

As you can see, the number of places is countless and it will take you hours to visit and learn more about each of them. When you're on Neon, take advantage of this opportunity to buy useful items and also get some missions related to them.

Also, if you're looking to learn even more about the game, feel free to read our guide on where to find a doctor in New Atlantis in Starfield.

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