Valheim: Here you will find surtling cores for smelters and portals

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In the Viking co-op survival Valheim you need the surtling cores very early on, for example to build the kiln, the smelter or portals. We’ll tell you where to find the valuable resource!

You have to keep this in mind: Before you run off to look for surtling cores, you should follow the order in your world. So first defeat the first boss, then you will also receive the blueprint for a pickaxe. You don’t need them for the surtling cores, but to mine ore.

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Here you can find surtling cores: You can find the valuable surtling cores in the Black Forest, i.e. in the biome with all the pine trees. In the Black Forest itself, you will come across small crypts or dungeons, easy to recognize by the skeletons that patrol around them.

However, you will only find the skeletons outside at night, so the crypts are more difficult to find during the day. However, it is better to look for the crypts in daylight to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

In the crypts, you will also come across skeletons that are either equipped with a sword or an additional shield. In the winding corridors of the crypt, you will find one or more glowing red cubes, which often sit on bars. These are the surtling cores that you should definitely take with you. Thoroughly search each crypt before leaving.

On the other hand, you can also find surtling Cores in the swamp area. However, it is very dangerous there and only recommended for well-equipped players. Look for surtlings, little fire demons that live near fire geysers. They drop surtling Cores after their death.

You can build this with the surtling Cores: With the surtling Cores you can make the following things:

  • Smelter: 20x stone, 5x surtling core
  • Charcoal Kiln: 20x stone, 5x surtling core
  • Portal: 10x Greydwarf eye, 20x Fine wood, 2x surtling Cores
  • Ward: 5x Fine wood, 5x Greydwarf eye, 1x surtling Core

When you have enough cores, you can build the all-important smelters and kilns to process ores and build stronger equipment. We have put together a list of all manufacturing items for you here.


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