Valheim Boss Guide: This is how you call and defeat Eikthyr

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In the co-op survival game Valheim there are currently 5 bosses that you have to defeat for Odin’s blessing. But they are not that easy to find or even conquer! We’ll tell you how to call and defeat the first boss Eikthyr.

You have to know that: To get Odin’s blessing, you have to defeat his ancient arch-enemies in the form of 5 bosses in the Viking co-op survival. The first boss appears in the form of a large, lightning-charged deer named Eikthyr.

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This is the first Valheim Boss Eikthyr

This is Eikthyr: the first boss in Valheim is not hiding from you. Its exact position will be marked on the map as soon as you click on the rune stone in the spawn zone in the stone circle in the starting area. The big deer “Eikthyr” should then not be marked far from you, within the same area (Meadows).


  • Biom: Meadows
  • Rewards:
    • Hard antlers to make the pickaxe
    • Eikthyr trophy
    • Eikthyr Power – When activated, you consume less stamina for 5 minutes

What you need for summoning: If you have found the location for the sacrificial ritual, you will be given the hint “Sacrifice its kind”. You have to collect 2 deer trophies by killing deer or deer. Once you have them together, you can offer them at the shrine and Eikthyr will appear.

These are Eikthyr’s abilities: The deer boss has three different abilities that he uses against you:

  • From a distance, Eikthyr attacks you with a lightning attack that has a long range and runs in a straight line in his line of sight.
  • He also has a Charge, charging towards his target, causing damage to any player he hits along the way.
  • His last attack is a melee attack, in which he stomps on the ground with his front hooves and inflicts area damage.

How to beat Eikthyr: Don’t be intimidated by the size of the bosses. Their attacks can be blocked just as well as those of the other opponents. So build yourself a shield and equip it before the fight.

You can either block Eikthyr’s attacks in close combat and attack with a flint knife, ax or spear in the “resting phases”, or attack with a bow in long-range combat. Normal, flint or fire arrows are great for this. It’s best to bring more than just a weapon or shield, as they will likely break in combat.

Once you’ve seen Eikthyr’s attacks, it’s easy to dodge them too. But always pay attention to your stamina display. If this is too low, you can neither block nor evade. Play a little more carefully than risk an early death.

Once you have collected Eikthyr’s head, you can hang it up as a trophy on the sacrificial stones and thus receive a useful buff that reduces your stamina consumption for 5 minutes. If you still want to defeat the other bosses, take a look at our Valheim boss guides.


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